Sunday, July 31, 2011

The HALT Act

For those of you that are as uninformed as I was a few hours ago, the long term for the HALT Act is Hinder the Administrations Legalization Temptation Act.  Personally I'd have made it Halt the Administrations Efforts to Legalize Illegal Aliens, but Halt makes a better acronym... The reason for the law is obvious, the Constitution demands that the President 'take care to ensure that all the laws are enforced'.  There's nothing there that say's he can pick and chose which laws to enforce, it says all the laws.  In all fairness, every President has made an occasional exception. but never on a large scale.  I've lived under twelve Presidents, none of them have abused that clause in the Constitution anywhere near as much as the Obama Administration.

Immigration or conquest by mass migration?
Think about his policy towards Arizona.  Eric Holder is said to have told his people not to enforce any civil rights cases unless the victim was a minority, his handling of the Black Panther Case is a clear example.  He uses regulatory authority to create and enforce laws in a way that would have gotten his predecessor impeached.  This is especially true in the way he hasn't dealt with the invasion of illegal infiltrators along our Southern Border

I first found out about the HALT Act via Randy's Right and after reading his post !!!WATCH THIS!!!….HALT Act To Restrict Obama’s Executive Authority!!! I decided to do  little looking of my own.. It was easier to find out Huffington Post is already up in arms against it, that it was to find the actual text of the proposal.  Randy has this posted ..

Statement of Judiciary Committee Chairman Member Lamar Smith Subcommittee on Immigration Policy and Enforcement Hearing on H.R. 2497, the “HALT Act”
For Immediate Release
July 26, 2011

Chairman Smith: The American people have called upon Congress to defeat several amnesty bills in recent years.  Following Congress’ rejection of these attempts, the current administration now wants to grant a “backdoor amnesty” to illegal immigrants.What had once been rumor fueled by leaked administration memos is now official Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policy as of last month.  The Director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) issued two directives on the scope of DHS officers’ prosecutorial discretion that could allow millions of illegal and criminal immigrants to avoid our immigration laws.
 Continue reading statement here 

I was interested in what the actual document had to say, it was a surprisingly short five pages, and written in non legalize English the guts of the law were very straight forward.. The discretion of the administration to circumvent the law by excluding entire categories of illegals from deportation is suspended until January 21, 2013 at which time the law would expire.. From the text of the proposed law the Administration is allowed several special case exceptions.. 

except to the extent that the discretionary authority conferred under such section is exercised for the purpose of
15 paroling an alien into the United States—
16 (1) to be tried for a crime, or to be a witness
17 at trial, upon the request of a Federal, State, or
18 local law enforcement agency;
19 (2) for any other significant law enforcement or
20 national security purpose; or
21 (3) for a humanitarian purpose where the life
22 of the alien is imminently threatened.

You can read the entire PDF Here
I don't think any reasonable objection can be made  to holding criminals or national security risks for trial..and if convicted punishment. . We damn sure don't want to deport witnesses to crimes or people who might be considered intelligence asserts.  As for the last one, regardless of how the vast majority of Americans feel about illegals, as a nation we wouldn't stand for deporting individuals when we know for that person, it's death sentence.

Overall it's a good law.. The idea that as a nation we have to accept people and grant them virtually all the rights of an American Citizen, because the infiltrated our borders is idiocy.  If you come home a find a burglar in your house do you invite him to move in, or call the police to take his butt away.

One of the few things transparent about the Obama Administration has been his courting of the Hispanic vote.  He supports of La Raza and other organizations that help illegals evade and circumvent our laws, often by getting them fraudulent documentation.  That's a hell of strong indication he does't care how much of the Hispanic vote he gets comes from people voting illegally.  The big objection to voter ID has nothing to do with racism, it has everything to do with getting. pro democratic party, illegal votes counted.. Most of remember Harry Reid won his last term because of the Hispanic vote.  At the time a number of people asked questions.  They were ignored, and Eric Holder sure as hell wasn't going to look into it.

I'm afraid that's the end of the good news.  I see very little problem getting the legislation passed in the House.  It doesn't stand a dogs chance in Hades as long as Harry Reid's Senate Majority Party continues to act like democrats instead of Americans.. 

 So until then we can look forward to more of this..  


  1. Just can not believe eric (He who can not say terrorism or war) has not gone the way of van jones. barry sure surrounded himself with some sleaze balls. Is it any wonder the years 2009 -2012 will be known as our lost years.

  2. Thank God for these people. They take welfare benefits the average American doesn't even know about.


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