Sunday, July 31, 2011

Krista Branch sings, Rubio trounces Kerry

This morning 's Grumpy Daily included some great videos.. so I figured I while I decided if I really wanted to do the research on a couple other, no fun things and while we wait to see what the three ring circus is going to do about the Debt Ceiling this afternoon I'd post a few of them, This one happened to be first on the  Video display bar, without question Krista Branch is easier to listen to than anyone featured in the other videos,  She's also the easiest on the eyes.

In case you missed it, the Senior Senator from Massachusetts--decided he was going to put the Junior Senator from Florida in his place...The guy from Massachusetts John Kerry is the one that looks like a shyster lawyer trying to con a widow out of her life savings..(come to think of it, he married the richest widow he could find)....and the guy in control of the conversation is the novice Senator Marco Rubio from Florida.


After watching that exchange, even though he still needs experience, I think Rubio looked a hell of a lot more presidential than Kerry, who considered himself presidential material... American voters got that one right..

Just spotted this, it hasn't been up on utube very long, so unless you caught the TV Broadcast, you probably missed it..

As luck would have it, Krista Branch happened to have two videos in today's Grumpy Daily. seems like a good way to close


  1. Excellent video Grumpy. "I Am America" sure puts a little extra spring in my step. Thanks

  2. All the Videos are awesome. Krista branch 's both videos are very best. Krista branch is looking gorgeous in both the video.

  3. Marine.. the song or the singer?

    London Escort agreed she's great

  4. Grumpy - BOTH! Is it any wonder Ms Branch is Conservative?


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