Wednesday, May 18, 2011

College students get hooked on ‘smart drugs’ (Adderall)

By Linda Carroll contributor contributor
updated 5/17/2011 7:33:09 AM
At colleges across America, students are becoming addicted to a popular prescription drug — not because they’re trying to get high, but because they hope to get smarter. The drug, Adderall, is normally prescribed for kids with attention deficit disorder. But some college kids are taking the medication because it helps them focus and pull all-nighters.   
One ‘A’ student at one of the nation’s top tier colleges explained the appeal of the pills kids call “study buddies.”

“When I’m on Adderall and I’m looking at the textbook I can forget about everything else around me,” she told NBC News’ Amy Robach, in a report aired on TODAY. “I figured if everyone else is doing it, why shouldn’t I get the advantage?”

Another student, “Mike,” who asked that his real name be withheld, elaborated. “It’s given me the boost to work non-stop for 10 hours a day,” he explained. “Baseball players take steroids to be the best and students take Adderall to be the best. It’s steroids for school.”

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how surprising, Shine has a CYA statement




  1. Heroin really helps me in the voting booth.

  2. We called it speed when I was young. Cross tops or black beauties. Our mom's called them mothers little helpers. They still prescribe it at some of the weight loss clinics. Works great but highly addictive.

    What everyone needs to consider is we don't need a pill for everything.

  3. There are parents across the nation complaining about the level of stress on high school students related to high stakes testing. One mother made a film "Race to Nowhere." Some find it a too "touchy feelie" topic or that people are "whiney." It's important to be able to step back at look. The CDC data indicated teens are more likely to get the meds, so it's not a surprise that they'd show up in college.

    The only solution for this ADHD issue I see is for all the information be available so ordinary folk can understand.

    Fishygal: I use a piece of chocolate or a Tylenol for what ails me. I'll consider other stuff when I really need it. The marketing of medications is very strong; notice the increase on t.v.

  4. Emergency room visits by children ages 10-14 involving Ritalin intoxication or overdoses have now reached the same level as those for cocaine--indicating escalating abuse of the addictive drug.

    ABOVE: Diller, L.H. Running on Ritalin: A Physician Reflects on Children, Society, and Performance in a Pill; Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub. Group, Inc. (1998); citing Feussner, G. "Actual Abuse Issues," Conference Report: Stimulant Use in the Treatment of ADHD, Drug Enforcement Administration, US Department of Justice, Washington DC, Dec. 1996.

  5. ^^ Looks like our junkies are getting younger, I guess they wanna be like their older brothers and sisters in college..


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