Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Why Does This Administration Hate the Poor and the Irish?

Spuds, Glorious Spuds!!!


I wanna eat some!!!

Oops, not so fast…


Q: “Huh? You mean that I can’t buy any potato-like vegetables with my WIC dollars???”


A.: “That’s correct! Give that man / woman / child a cigar!”  (Just make sure they don't smoke it...)


Those who giveth and taketh away (feel free to use the word ‘Feds’ here) have decided that Potatoes are public Enemy Number 1 when you’re using your WIC-subsidized funding to purchase groceries for your family.


Yes, Potatoes are ‘Veggie-Non-Grata’ (personally, I prefer ‘Potatoes Au-Gratin’, but I digress). If you happen to be participating in the WIC program you will immediately and henceforth be unable to purchase SPUDS.


This means that if you are going to allow someone else to give you money with which to BUY food, you must also accept the premise that THEY will decide which FOODS that you are ‘allowed’ to eat.


Enter – the Lowly Spud (a.k.a.: Mr. Potato Head)

Loved (and feared) by the Irish, first harvested 7,000 years ago in Ancient Washington, DC (I made this up), and an affordable vegetable which MOST people, except for Son #2 (pretty sure he was switched at birth) enjoy eating a couple of times a week, the potato now falls into the ‘Banned’ category of Vegetables.


Eat it baked, eat it mashed, eat it pancaked, eat it fried, but if you’re getting WIC benefits, YOU can now only eat ‘it’ on YOUR dime. The Potato Nazis at the Institute of Medicine tell poor families, women and children, “No (Potato) Soup for YOU!”


Foods ALLOWED under the program:

Sugar-laden cereals

Artery-hardening Cheese Products

Starchy Bread (Chucked full o’ Insect Parts)


For a complete listing of ‘WIC’ Approved / Disapproved foods click:   




Yes, simply because individuals MAY make ‘un-healthy’ potato decisions, the WIC program has made the decision to take that choice…

Away from the parents of small children.

Why? Because (according to the National Academy of Sciences and WIC) parents who are not able to support their own families are NOT able to make good decisions. (This, may go to the heart of why the poor are so ‘loved’ by Democrats. MOTTO: ”An un-educated electorate is our BEST customer!”)


So as we leave the poor, the disadvantaged, and the un-educated (according to WIC and the Feds – not necessarily according to ’ME’) in the rear-view mirror of the Potato Mobile, we attach a link to the story which got the ancient wheels turning in my head: WIC’s Problem with Spuds


While doing for research for this particular story (oh, come on stop laughing – I do do research sometimes), I came across my favorite bit of irony for the day.


It’s from the CDC’s (Center For Disease Control’s) website proclaiming:

“Vegetable of the Month: Potato”
(Go ahead and click, it’s all there)

Yes, it’s true.

Okay, who didn’t get the e-mail!?!? Come on people get with the program!!!! Potatoes are NOT the veggie of the month, okay??? (Ahem! - The CDC DOES think that they are – and who am I to argue with the goverment?)


We leave today’s post with a brief post-mortem to the potato:

“May you mash in peace”

(Unless, of course, you’re poor in which case: Have some grilled cheese sandwiches made with wheat ‘chocked full’ of insect parts and fecal matter from sources better not recounted here. Don’t worry, the FDA is there to make sure you don’t get too much bug ‘parts’ in your food – yeah, not ‘TOO much’)

My ‘Irish Eyes’ cannot believe what I read some days – this day, it turns out, is no exception.


I wonder how many jobs banning ‘Spuds’ will ‘Create’ or ‘Save’? Hmm?


Bon appetite!!!


  1. Wonder if Shire pays their employees in Adderall or potatoes... the EU won't let the Irsh have ant cash these days..

  2. Oh Moos, Just what we need a little more government in our lives. I give you my too favorites of the day

    We can’t grow our own food anymore

    And a personal favorite

    Guess we could feed the zombies potatoes!


    I made mashed golden potatoes this evening.

  4. Sandra, This from the link you provided: "The U.S. Department of Agriculture is proposing to eliminate the "white potato"—defined as any variety but the sweet potato—from federally subsidized school breakfasts and to limit them sharply at lunch."

    This is how Racism works. Notice they are looking to eliminate the 'White Potato'. WHY do they have to bring Race into EVERYTHING? I feel so very persecuted...

    Yes, I AM a White Potato. The horror.

  5. I will still buy potatoes to use in my potato gun. The ammo is cheap, I can hit a poodle at 100 yards, a cat at 50. It's very "Green" because the potato plugs that it shoots grow spuds and roots into the ground, so shoot them in your neighbors yard.

    If you decide to build a Potato Gun, I am sure the schematics are on the net. It takes about $12 worth of PVC pipes from Home Depot.

    Be very care full, they will shoot through a wood garage door at close range.

    This week I am working on a Loper Gun. Its more like a mortar that shoots greased Cantelopes. Hint: Use ripe cantelopes. They don't hurt as bad.

  6. Although the jury is still out on the positive effects of diverting corn for ethanol production, I am fully onboard diverting potatos for use in the distilling of vodka.

  7. I would have expected them to remove pork, or beef, or cheese or something like that from WIC. But potatoes? What will happen when they find some people candy carrots?

  8. Marine.. Marine, that would increase the amount corn they'd take for ethanol, reducing the amount available for some of Kentucky's finest.

    Brikony, don't forget sweet potato pie...

    SOL; I'll have to see how they work.. I've got a friend in NYC.. they might be legal there, and might enjoy dropping a few ripe cantalopes on the drug dealers

    Mike it looks like white potatoes will still make good cannon folder errr cannon balls

  9. When they pull my potato gun away from me...

    It'll be from my cold, dead, hoof.

  10. Do you want to supersize that order? :)

  11. I'm having French Dip sandwichs, french fries and vodka for supper in Moo's honor. Someone has to fight the establishment. Of course I'll be paying for my food with Mr. Fishy's money. ;0)

  12. Sounds good Fishy..... Very similar Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches, either fries or mashed.... guess I need to go buy some Vodka

  13. It was delicious Grumpy. I substituted scotch for vodka but you get the idea.

  14. Fishy, Don't eat too much tonight, you'll want to look nice for the Rapture.

    I've already gotten my 'E' Tickets!
    (As in Excellent!!!)

    I've got a seat right next to Nancy Pelosi, but I'm thinking that only one of us is going. I guess I can bring my Golden Retriever with me... My wife and kids already have their assigned seating. See you on the other side!


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