Yvonne Maffei is a food writer, recipe developer and publisher of www.MyHalalKitchen.com, a blog showcasing culinary tips and healthy halal recipes. Throughout the month of Ramadan she’ll be hosting giveaways for Whole Foods Market gift cards and Sa
ffron Road coupons on her blog. Here, Yvonne shares the purpose and traditions of Ramadan and how she celebrates this holy month.

Ramadan is fast approaching, and I’m getting my kitchen ready for a month of celebration with my family and community.  In case you’re not familiar with Ramadan, it is an incredibly important holy month for Muslims. For us, it is a time of reflection — a time to develop compassion for those who live with hunger and thirst as a way of life, and to do something to help them. It’s a time to practice self-control and willpower in the face of numerous temptations; and to purify one’s self by taking time to focus on character and purpose.

What is this Halal About?

Have you heard of halal? If so, you can skip ahead to the end and enter to win coupons for some tasty, convenient halal-certified prepared foods from Saffron Road. But if you’re scratching your head and asking, “What is this halal about?” Read on!

Halal is Islamic dietary law that applies, among other things, to meat and poultry, specifically prescribing certain slaughtering and processing practices. Like some other religious dietary practice, halal prohibits pork and alcohol consumption. In order to provide more options to people following a halal diet, Saffron Road has created the first line of certified halal frozen entrees and they’re currently only available here at Whole Foods Market.


Not surprisingly for the politically correct, and America's President, it's inappropriate to suggest anything that  might support a Judea-Christian message of any sort.. but for some reason the PC crowd seems to live Islam- even with it's treatment of women, opposition to homosexuality, continuing practice of slavery and all the other things they claim to hate so much, including the absolute control of Government by the religion.

Maybe the answer is they love Islam because Islam hates Christians and Jews.

Ever wonder what would happen if someone a little outspoken took offense at the left's blatant support of a religion like Islam while failing to even acknowledge a religion she strongly believes in....  Someone who is as vocal about her love for America and Israel, as she is determined to expose the crimes Islam is responsible for... 

Would a company like whole foods back down?

Meet Debbie Schlussel, I'm going to introduce and get out of the way.... she's too tough an act for me to follow, so read her blog, and come back by and tell me what you think

Anti-Israel Whole Foods “Caves” After Schlussel Ramadan Post, But Not Really

The American Muslim world, the anti-Semitic and phony ADL, and left-wing media and blogosphere (including crackpot turncoat Charles Johnson) are upset that I posted aboutanti-Israel Whole Foods’ Ramadan promotion, and as a result of my post Whole Foodsappears–appears!–to have caved.  But that’s not really what’s going on.  Don’t believe the hype.