Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wisconsin Democrats are claiming a victory, of sorts

In a way way they did, they managed to to fill their campaign war chests with Union Money and they managed to get two GOP Senators replaced with democrats.

They didn't manage to gain control of the Republican Controlled State Senate, to do that they would have had to take three seats, and hold on the two more in another special election in a few days..  More importantly,  they didn't get the hoped for backlash against the TEA Party.  Something I'm sure concerns the current resident of the White House

Major Victory for the Tea Party Movement in Wisconsin

Republican Scott Walker and the newly elected GOP lead State Legislature not only engaged in and won a Historic/Epic battle with the unions earlier this year. The unions clearly wanted unsustainable spending and job loss to continue while the GOP, under Walker’s leadership, wanted a new direction that would result in prosperity for Wisconsin.
As reported a few days back, 150,000 jobs were lost in the three years leading up to Walker’s inauguration. Since Walker took over, Wisconsin has gained 39,000 jobs. In fact, 9,500 new jobs came in June alone! The state was also facing a $3.5 billion deficit… Walker has since balanced the budget.

Unions aren’t happy with this fiscally responsible direction and they’ve spent millions upon millions to force Wisconsin voters back to the polls to defend the decisions they already made last year. The well funded unions forced six GOP Senators into recall elections in an environment where the GOP has a 19 – 14 edge in the Senate. This means the GOP could afford to lose two of the recalls, but three would have been devastating.


  1. That two did indeed lose is most diaturbing. The reprersentatives that RAN AWAY are the ones that need to lose their jobs!

  2. Being a glass is half full kind of guy, I am ecstatic that it took so many millions and nothing has changed. That leaves less money to be used against us throughout 2012. Hell, barry and the libs keep going on their present course, and the GOP will not have to deplete our campaign war chest.

    At my work computer (Tom in TN)


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