Saturday, August 20, 2011

If you can't stand the heat

In Decorah Iowa last week President Obama told a woman:

Democracy is always a messy business in a big country like this,” Obama responded. “When you listen to what the federalists said about the anti-federalists … those guys were tough. Lincoln, they used to talk about him almost as bad as they talk about me.

If you stand the heat, get the hell out of the kitchen.

For a man who can always find a reason to feel sorry for himself, he can always find a reason to blame someone else for his problems, last week was a tough week. I don’t know if he was talking about before or after eleven states left the Union preferring to go to their own way, and accept the risk of war rather than have Lincoln as their President.  The comment, absurd on way too many levels to get into here, was typical of Obama. 

The stock market was reacting poorly to Standard and Poors downgrade of the Country’s credit rating.  They didn’t seem at all reassured when he told them and the nation it was a political move by S&P.  The pundunt’s had even acted like him ordering the Department of Justice investigate Standard and Poors might be an act of Political revenge on his part.

His bus trip didn’t go as planned.  Even though the White House had carefully explained the trip was a fact finding tour, the TEA Party people were complaining about it costing millions of dollars a day of taxpayer money for him to campaign.  Some of the questions were unexpected.  This isn’t a good thing for someone used to using a teleprompter.

Rural Americans are growing concerned about they see as an attempt by executive order to implement the United Nation’s Agenda 21.  He thought he’d easily explained away one question by a farmer who was concerned about government interference.

 He was promptly made a liar by a Politico Reporter, M.J. Lee, and his own Department of Agriculture when the reporter took his advice, and called the USDA and asked the question, after having been given the run around for several days Lee concludes the report this way:.

Finally, I call the USDA’s main media relations department, based here in Washington, where I explain to a spokesperson about my failed attempts to obtain an answer to the Illinois farmer’s question. 
This was their response, via email:
“Secretary Vilsack continues to work closely with members of the Cabinet to help them engage with the agricultural community to ensure that we are separating fact from fiction on regulations because the administration is committed to providing greater certainty for farmers and ranchers. Because the question that was posed did not fall within USDA jurisdiction, it does not provide a fair representation of USDA’s robust efforts to get the right information to our producers throughout the country.”

When I quoted Lee I skipped over the details of the run around the reporter got, but they, and the comments at the end of the story make “Obama’s unhelpful advise”  worth spending a few minutes reading.. Even on a major publication like Politico, any time an article gets 500 comments. It’s worth the read.

If you’ve ever had a little kid in the candy aisle of a store, you’ll you can understand Barack Obama.  The child will ask if they can have something, when you tell them no, they’ll grab something else and ask again, this time the No is a little stronger.  The Third time you tell them NO with a stronger explanation then before, they might seem to accept it or they might throw a temper tantrum. Either way, if you don’t discover it first, when you go to check out, you’ll find something in the basket you weren’t expecting

The Homeland Security announcement last week that would allow most of 300,000 illegal alien infiltrators already facing deportation to remain here didn’t go over to well.  Many if not most Americans see it as another example of the Obama Administration’s contempt for the Constitution, Congress and the will of the American People.  The Administrations logic is exactly the same as the kids logic.  Congress refused to pass my immigration agenda, so I’ll try sneaking it into the shopping cart.. and if they don’t see it, or if they don’t get to mad, I’ll get my way..

Americans are also beginning to figure out Arne Duncan at the Department of Education is trying to sneak Obama’s Education Agenda into the cart as well.  Except for the people who make money of it, no sane person believes No Child Left Behind is working.  Congress has declined so far to either reaffirm NCLB or replace it with Obama’s scheme to centralize control of education at the Federal level.  Since Congress hasn’t specifically said no.. (and if they did Obama wouldn’t sign it anyway) Duncan is trying to sneak Obama’s version of Education Reform into the basket.  Existing law allows the Sec of Ed to grant Special Case Waiver’s from the law’s requirements. 

Since the law was unrealistic to begin with, most states can’t meet the law’s requirements. Duncan’s solution:  Legislation by extortion.  Sign on to Obama’s agenda, of face the consequences under existing law.  Very much like the child telling the parent, let me have it or I’ll cause a scene and you’ll be in trouble.

Then there were more revelations about Operation Fast and Furious, I believe the only reason Eric Holder hasn’t already been removed from office is several key members of the Senate, starting with the majority leader, put political party over the well being of the country.  I don’t know if in the end, that will be enough to prevent his removal after the American People finally get all the details, last week’s events bordered on sickening.

The Justice Department decided that the families of Border Agent, Brian Terry were not the victims of a crime. Terry was killed by a weapon the US Government illegally sold to a gun runner, knowing that it would end up in the hands of the Mexican Drug Cartels. 

We found out that three of the men who supervised the operation had been promoted.   A couple days later the Justice Department tried to take back the story. TI guess were surprised at the way Americans reacted. That’s not surprising considering how disconnected this Administration from the way normal Americans think.. 

Shades of Big Brother; Stalin, Hitler and Mao all in one.  There’s another serious story coming to light.  If the story is accurate the Obama Administration illegally spent millions of taxpayer dollars diverting people trying to research Obamacare on the Internet to government propaganda sites.  It seems Obama wants Americans to “think” they’re making informed decisions, after they’ve intentionally been spoon fed misinformation.  That's Obama’s vision for America,

I’m sure I missed a few, it was a long week.  The last one I’ll mention involves the President and the Muslim Brotherhood.  Most American’s, like myself up until a little while ago, are not aware the Muslim Brotherhood is not on the US Terror List. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know. After all this administration considers Christians and veterans potential lone wolf terrorists.

Last week we found out Obama is appointing members of the Brotherhood to key positions in his Administration believe it or not this was reported months ago but generally over looked by the Media.  Maggie has one of the best reports on the affair I’ve seen anywhere on the Internet during the past week post on her website Maggie’s Note Book.  The report includes a video of a speech made by Tarek Fatah, a self described Liberal Marxist who actively supported Obama during his 2008 campaign for President, his opinion of Barack Obama has changed considerably:

Instead of bringing victory over the fascist forces of the Muslim Brotherhood, we now recognize that their infiltration is right up to the American White House, but we can’t say that.”
“Today we are fighting another idea of Islamo-fascism that has shut our mouths and we can’t speak because we’re too scared that someone may turn around and call us a racist. And mind you, everyday as I speak, a few dozen Muslims would have been killed by now by these Jihadi’s.

Why the President would appoint people who are part of an organization that hates America, and the American way of life is beyond me, and I think it’s beyond most people.  While we try and figure it out, the President, who is undoubtedly exhausted from three grueling days of having to talk to ordinary Americans, is recovering at Martha’s Vineyard.  (at taxpayer expense). 

So at least for the moment he’s out of the kitchen.  I read a blog yesterday that suggested as he reflects over the events of the past week he may decide that being President is more trouble than it’s worth and resign.

We should be so lucky..



  1. Dear God

    as he reflects over the events of the past week he may decide that being President is more trouble than it’s worth and resign.


  2. This is one man, we can only hope will disappear and sooner rather than later. This arrogant slob is so out of touch. I suspect that Michelle massages those bigs ears everynight whispering into them, "It's not you Barack, it's them. They are the problem."

    Heck yes, he had a bad week and I suspect that it will continue to get worse from hereon.

    What's he going to do? Sign an executive order to shut everyone up.

    It should be noted that Abraham Lincoln had plenty of moments that he would prefer history not mention as well.

  3. Puma, as I see it, the best hope is to keep pressure on Harry Reid.. there were rumors last year he got elected by illegal voters... could be why he loves them.

    The US House has grounds to impeach most not all of Obama's Cabinet-- But Harry Reid's Senate is as much Obama's rubber stamp as Fidel's in Cuba or Chavez's in Venezuela

  4. He doesn't do very well adlibbing. Joe the plumber, "Cambridge PD are racist". "Clings to guns & religion". Need I say more?


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