Saturday, August 20, 2011

Battle for Libya: Latest from Az Zawiyah and Zlitan

this video is current as off 8-20-2011


  1. What are the odds that they will replace him with a liberal democracy? Taking bets?

  2. about the same that Mohmar survives.

  3. Quaddafi's a survivor, people gave been trying to kill him for decades--rats and roaches always have an escape plan.

    Yashi,, Bibi needs to inventory the the heavy weapons arsenal...the Brotherhood has Egytpt in a month they'll own Syria, hama is going to have some new friends.

  4. At least we knew what we had with him. He's batshit crazy. We have no idea who will be replacing him. I think the rebels are the bad guys. The US and Israel should be worried.

  5. I sure hope that they don't destroy that cool wardrobe including all of his sunglasses and hand bags. That would be a shame.

    Does anyone know if he sometimes wears womens clothes?


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