Saturday, June 11, 2011

What Would The Founders Think?

Yesterday Bob Mack, from Be Sure You're Right, then Go Ahead dropped by Grumpy, at the time I having a serious debate with Captain Black Eagle about Obama's Proposed Education Reform.  Bob's a smart guy, he didn't get in the debate, wise move, but he did suggest I take a look at a site called What would the Founders Think..  So I did..

The site belongs to a lady named Marcia.. I can't tell you too much about her  personally, but I can tell you she's conservative, smart and a damned good writer.  Bob had suggested I look at a blog she had just written titled National “Common Core” Standards.  I went and took a look and wished she'd been part of the debate I was having.. Take a look

National “Common Core” Standards
Unless the electorate awakes in 2012 from its Obama induced coma, it won’t be The Affordable Health Care Act that will be remembered for putting the nation on the road to serfdom, but the Washington hijacking of education. While Americans have been preoccupied with recession, unemployment, congressional peccadilloes, and foreign and natural disasters, cash hungry states, 43 at last count, quietly sold our children’s birthright of freedom to the national government. (The term “federal government” is no longer accurate because the structure built by the Founders is now unrecognizable.)

Never mind that the Constitution reserves education to the states. The Obama administration got around that inconvenience by tying federal funds to state approval of the so-called Common Core Standards. To obtain the money, the majority of states went along with, what can only be described as, an end run around the Constitution
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I know most of you clicked the link and read the entire article, for the few who didn't this paragraph should get your attention
Tyrants have always known that their longevity depends upon controlling the minds of the next generation. Bureaucrats know it, too.

Evers provides a relevant citation from Joseph Califano, President Carter’s Health, Education and Welfare Secretary: “Any set of test questions that the federal government prescribed should surely be suspect as a first step toward a national curriculum. … [Carried to its full extent,] national control of curriculum is a form of national control of ideas.”
Given what the Obama Administration is attempting, those two shorts paragraphs could well explain a primary:  National Control of Idea's.  There is another part of the agenda Marcia may not be aware of...

We have reported here on Grumpy the DoED plans on extensive datamining our children's progress in grades K-12, additional reports are suggesting the administration wants to start the process at birth..  the babies race, length and weight as well as the parents religious and political beliefs...  and extend the process all the way through the child's secondary education.  At whatever point the child leaves school, the data can be turned over to the Department of Labor..  

I don't think I have to say anymore about where that could lead...What was the line

Tyrants have always known that their longevity depends upon controlling the minds of the next generation. Bureaucrats know it, too.

Works even better when even better when you can assign them to job like they used to do in the Soviet Union..  they assigned potential trouble makers to jobs in Siberia.

While you're visiting What Would the Founders Think?  I suggest you look around, I'd strongly suggest you read her blog; The Suckers List

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  1. Founding Fathers would say.... The FED has to GO..

  2. "time for revoloution"

  3. Swan... Federal Reserve, or Federal Department of Education... come to think of it.. let's include the DOE, we could sure as hell do without the queen of child molestation...

    And I don't want to forget Eric Holder.... he can go as well
    Madpole, Leave Old Betsy above the mantle.. she looks good there and we can clean house come election time...

    Might not have to wait that long, all of the cabinet departments & secretaries I mentioned have been playing close to the edge, it would be easy to get a resolution through the House

  4. If the left loses power, they will call to arms, Michael Moore tried to get them fired up in Wisconsin. Betsies have stay clean!

  5. Ok Madpole, take Betsey out for a little exercise and grooming from time to time to keep her in shape and looking good..

    If the left loses and get rambunctious you probably still don't have much to worry about.. Historically they try and burn down cities,,

  6. What sparked the revoloution? A BIC :)


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