Sunday, June 12, 2011

Really, What would The Founders Think??

I had something else in mind for this morning, I really did, then this came up.  By now everybody, well almost everybody is tired of hearing about Anthony's Weiner.  But he's still all over the front page..  Instead of doing the honorable thing (hari kari) or at least resigning, he has decided a short vacation and therapy will will get him all straightened out and back to wasting taxpayer money in no time...

Enter Sarah White, the naked therapist........

No, I'm not kidding, from the Daily Caller:

Naked therapist offers Anthony Weiner her services

When New York Rep. Anthony Weiner confessed Monday to posting a picture of his erect penis on Twitter, he said he wouldn’t rule out seeking professional help to sort through his personal issues.
Considering his alleged tendency to take dirty photos of himself and send obscene messages to strangers, perhaps he’ll take naked therapist Sarah White up on her offer to counsel him in the nude. According to White’s website, she’s willing to give the congressman “one free Naked Therapy session to help him begin addressing his problems. As Ms. White told Mr. Weiner, the methods of Naked Therapy are particularly suited to help him overcome what she calls ‘the uncontrollable acts of arousal frenzy.’”
White, a 24-year-old psychology fiend, conducts therapy sessions sans attire in Weiner’s home state. Though the first time around gets off to a slow start, White gradually removes articles of clothing throughout her client’s visit.

Read more:

In this video Sarah White demonstrates her technique and explains why in her opinion it works,

Just yesterday I posted a piece titled What Would the Founders Think...

I wonder, what would they think??  You tell me



  1. They threw up their hands and moved back to Europe. For Gods Sake where do these crack pots come from?

    Addicted to sex, my rosy red ***, it's all about choices. HE made bad ones and should now step down and go quietly into the night with his beautiful wife and child.

  2. You might be right Fishy,,, Although from what I've heard, Ben Franklin might have decided he needed a little of Sarah White's therapy...

    Did Mr Fishy enjoy the video?

  3. How does that work if the client is a homosexual male?

  4. On second thought Madpole... she might have have it takes to help a gay patient.

  5. I would develope ADD no doubt and probably need marriage counseling. Good gig:)

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  7. Personally, I can't wait to see this story on Weiner played out .. over at Bare Naked Islam's blog, Weiner's wife is Muslim, and was in Dubai during his first confession of lies to the Media; Weiner is Jewish and BNI asks, "Did he convert to Islam, or did she convert ... ? Why is this important? Because if he was a hidden Muslim (so many these days in politics!), could he have been a "plant" for the Saudi's, to which his wife is quite comfortable associating with..? And, if he is Muslim, the Muslims see nothing wrong with sexual meetings with anyone other than their own wives.
    And here's a thought: Muslim women would have their legs and hands cut off; or a Sunday morning beheading or stoning, for adultery... Hmm! If their laws applied to men, that would just about erase 80% of the Muslims around the world.
    Putting aside conspiracy theory's: my thought is this is just a very weak man, without character, morals, who indulges in self-gratification and lives for the moment; never expecting to answer for his irresponsibility and that takes in half of America's leaders these days. Lord, help us to define leadership skills, and then lead us to men and women of honest and reliable character.

  8. BeeSting, let's just find the ahole a goat.

    That way we can keep him away from our young women and perhaps small boys also.

  9. Fishygal ... :) Goats are nice, or camels, etc. - especially for a piranha. So, he has requested a Leave of Absence for rehabilitation ... is there a Rehab Center for self-gratification, egotistical idiots?! What exactly is his illness, other than a sex predator?

  10. I think the "hot dog" was just trolling for victims. A predator in waiting. Put him away now and same some young girl.

  11. Maybe Tiger gave him some advice on this. Sex Addiction my butt.

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  13. More off topic plagiarized comments Anonymous?


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