Sunday, June 12, 2011

The "Muslims First" Foreign Policy

For Beesting

You wonder why we call him the "Muslim-in-Chief"?? This article by Daniel Greenfield will demonstrate just how bad our foreign policy has become since Obama took office . I have called him the Muslim's "apologist" since he first became president ... and for good reasons - most listed in this well-written, thought-provoking article by Mr. Greenfield.

After reading, maybe someone can explain how and why our entire Congress allowed the community organizer from Chicago do so much harm to America's interests in foreign affairs ...

By the way, Greenfield's article posted last night has received more hits than any essay I've ever posted ... that tells me many folks are seeking to understand Obama's road map to peace ... is not to peace, or for peace .. it is the same road map the Arabs are using against Israel - that's Obama's un-American map to peace and the one he expects Israel to choose .. what an idiot!



The "Muslims First" Foreign Policy - By Sultan Knish

In France, American embassies and consulates have been directed to "empower" Muslim and push for the passage of "social reforms" that will benefit them. In the UK, American diplomats were directedto again "empower" Muslims and made outreach to them a top priority. In Israel, the US consulate in Jerusalem caters only to Muslims and does its best to pretend that Jews and Israel don't even exist. And when Obama visited Greece, what else did he do but push the political and religious authorities to open more mosques and Islamic schools. America's own interests and our obligations to our allies have been put aside to focus on a single goal of overriding importance. Pandering to the Muslim world. It's as if we have no other foreign policy goal anymore beyond keeping Muslims happy

The United States has its first Special Representative to Muslim Communities in the person of Farah Pandith. We also have Rashad Hussain, a Special Envoy to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. (No relation to Barack Hussein Obama. The name Hussain is common among Muslims as a tribute to Mohammed's grandson, Hussain ibn Ali, the 'Martyr Of Martyrs' in Islam.) Hussain (Rashad, not Barack) had ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, which helped create both Al Qaeda and Hamas, and defended Islamic Jihad leader Sami Al-Arian. Farah Pandith is a Kashmiri Muslim who began her career as Barbara Bush's secretary. But just creating two new Muslim posts in the diplomatic sector isn't enough.

NASA Administrator
Bolden told Al Jazeera that the agency's new priority is outreach to Muslims. After gutting NASA and killing its space program, the agency focused on its new top priority by appointing Waleed Abdalati, as its new Chief Scientist. Waleed Abdalati is a twofer, as a Muslim and a Global Warming researcher. So the Obama Administration gets to kill off the space program and replace it with Global Warming junk science headed by a Muslim. It's what the devil would call synergy



  1. I just realized the 666 isn't tattooed on his head , it is his golf score.

  2. Has he begun to use his middle name openly yet?


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