Friday, June 10, 2011

Real Impotence!

Fin and Buttercup go for a swim!

Ah, Friday afternoon! The temperature continues its inexorable climb upward, the DOW Jones Industrial Average continues its inexorable descent to the basement, and the United States, it turns out, has begun a fourth military (This week's War du jour: Yemen!) action.

As we take a moment to put Congressman Weiner into that small, dark place where 'bad things go forever', let's pause and reflect on the most pressing issues facing America today...

Up for consideration this Friday afternoon:

  • Auto Execs want you to pay $1 more per gallon in lieu of their involvement meeting Congressionally-mandated CAFE standards recently signed into law by President Obama: Link HERE Hold on, didn't we just give this boneheads $60 or $70 BILLION to help them stay in business? Now they want more from US to make their lives easier?
  • Golden Eagles in California being 'Cuisinarted' by windmills because Nature-Loving-Guys-&-Gals love The Greenness of it all? Link HERE
  • China's warning to the world that the United States of America "Has already begun defaulting" on its obligations Link HERE (Can you smell the irony?)
  • JP Morgan Chase predicts that home values will CONTINUE their declines for the upcoming 12 months? Link HERE
  • Chris Matthews believes that, "people in the rural areas of this country who are Christian conservative culturally - you can say backward if you want...don't like this kind of stuff." and this may have an negative impact on Anthony Weiner's position in Congress. He may, GASP!, be at risk of being forced out by 'Blue Dog Democrats'! Link HERE
  • Oh, but don't worry, because Nancy Pelosi says he's okay, and she will not ask for his resignation... Link HERE
  • But wait! There's more!!! NEW CASTLE, Del. -- Police here are investigating direct online communications between New York Rep. Anthony Weiner and a 17-year-old girl and are looking for any other young women who may be involved, though the nature of the communications wasn't immediately clear. Link HERE Sure, nothing more to see here, right?
No. None of these issues is worthy of comment other than on small crazy loon fringe-blogs (just like the one you're reading!). By the way, thanks for stopping by!

The most important national issue, according to the NY Times, Washington Post, and other 'Real' Media Outlets is...

Trove of Palin E-Mails Draws Press to Alaska

From the NY Times online: "The New York Times and other news organizations intend to assemble their own searchable online databases of the documents, and some, including The Times, were asking readers Thursday to help reporters sift through the voluminous correspondence in the coming days."


"We’re asking readers to help us identify interesting and newsworthy e-mails, people and events that we may want to highlight. Interested users can fill out a simple form to describe the nature of the e-mail, and provide a name and e-mail address so we’ll know who should get the credit. Join us here on Friday afternoon and into the weekend to participate."

Yes, as the economy slumps, Congress continues to spend money it / we don't have, bombs are launched in the name of peace, the most important news event of this week is this: Sarah Palin's e-mails are now public.

AND, the Media, too lazy to sift through the debris themselves, ask waiting progressive lapdogs do it for them. Good for them, I hope they have rippin' good time!

As for myself, I'm off to eat dinner with my family. Perhaps I'll pet my dog and read a good book or something.

For those rascally rabbits rabidly reviewing the e-mails at the request of the once-stalwart 'Fourth Estate' -- hey, guys and gals, don't forget to eat! For man does not live on e-mail alone. Sometimes he / she needs protein too... And a chocolate chip shake sounds pretty good right about now too...

Have a nice weekend folks,


p.s.: Nothing more to see here - go on, git! Get moo-vin! Go see your family!


  1. When written down so eloquently, the libs have not had a good month. (Actually 53 months.)It is only the 11th. In such a short period of time they have completly squandered that 6% blip for barry getting bin laden (He can now smoke openly and use his middle name.) Another week or two of this, and they will also lose the Paul Ryan fear tactic. Quite obvious to see they can campaign on barry's glowing list of accomplishments.

  2. If you recall last fall, most of them avoided any mention of Obama's accomplishments

  3. Grumpy - I think I have a 1/2 in. sliver of paper handy. I will jot them all down.

  4. Hope Moos is having a good time racing dolphins


    the comment box only holds 4096 characters. I bet you wont look at one of the categories. The truth will set yu free.

  6. For a list of the SOBs accomplishments you direct to a page designed to last two years as a a part of his propagnada machine while he's running for re-election,,

    From the site

    We are a team of about 100 volunteers dedicated to countering the constant negative drumbeat of our mainstream media. In the past two years, over 400 steps forward have been taken by the Obama administration, yet the media continues to focus on the negative.

    If you’re like to join the #owiki team and help us continue the effort into the next very exciting two years, please visit our project about page

    Pure propaganda


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