Friday, June 10, 2011

Proxy Parenting

One of the perks of running a blog site (there aren't many and the pay sucks) are the links to stories and website people send you...  I'm not sure how it might work for other websites, but the people that visit here seem to be smart and have good taste,,,  so when I get sent a link, most of the time it worth taking a look at...  The other day Sandra in Brevard sent me a link, nothing else, no title, no explanation, just a link... a quick click and I found

Proxy Parenting

Relieving you from the burdens of child rearing 

Burned out on parenting?

Depressed at the thought of another day of taking care of your children?

Heard “I’m bored” one too many times by 9 am?

Your problems are OVER. We’re that big brother your family needs when you need a break from life. There’s no muss, no fuss, and your children will come home happy and content. Who are we? We’re from the government and we’re here to help. (emphasis mine)

You’re not a lazy parent. You’re overworked and just need a little break. We provide FREE schooling, FREE meals, FREE housing, FREE entertainment, and whatever else you want to vote yourself from the public treasury. Isn’t that wonderful? The awesome thing about living in our democracy is that it’s not socialism unless you vote to call it that! Majority RULES!

Are you one of the few people dealing with a guilty conscience over letting your friends and neighbors pay for your child’s FREE stuff? We offer FREE counseling to help you overcome these negative feelings. Just call your federal legislator and ask for the FREE book titled “The Congressional Re-election Guide.” In it, you’ll find many practical solutions that will help you overcome your concerns.
Before you comment. throw something, yell or kick the dog,  Please Read the Rest

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  1. Now that's funny stuff. Not funny Ha Ha but funny get the hell away from me!

  2. Kids are like kites.. they get further and further from the ground.. but the string is still attached.

  3. Hilarious! Now somebody needs to ask the honest question: Have any of these programs made America a betteer place to live?

  4. Grumpy, here's one in which you may be interested:

    Unless the electorate awakes in 2012 from its Obama induced coma, it won’t be The Affordable Health Care Act that will be remembered for putting the nation on the road to serfdom, but the Washington hijacking of education.

  5. Thanks for the link Bob, I paid Marcia a visit,, Great article, she has it figued out..

  6. Ah yes. That "It Takes A Village" thing. I think I will pass.


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