Thursday, June 9, 2011

ZOMBIES; What you need to know

"There are all kinds of emergencies out there that we can prepare for. Take a zombie apocalypse for example. That’s right, I said z-o-m-b-i-e a-p-o-c-a-l-y-p-s-e. You may laugh now, but when it happens you’ll be happy you read this.."

Warning from the Center for Disease Control

On 16 May, 2011 the Center for Disease Control finally acknowledged the deadly outbreak of the Zombification of the United States.  It comes as no surprise to those of us who have spent decades studying this deadly disease that the CDC is promoting preparedness..or the things they suggest we do to protect our families and friends from this deadly disease.

What is a Zombie?

A Zombie was formerly a living, breathing, thinking, person.  Unlike the Voodoo Zombie, which has had its soul taken though magical ritual, the Zombie that concerns us has been infected by a virus. 

Like many virus's it attacks the cells of its victim and eventually results in death. Unlike other virus's it then takes control of the victims entire body and makes the dead appear to walk..even talk.

Extremus Non Compos Mentis Devolvere Mobi Mortis is the scientific name for the disease.  Unlike Movie Zombies, Zombies infected with the ENCMDMM virus do not appear to be sick at all.  This makes it easy for the virus to spread from host to victim. This makes it very dangerous to you, but do not despair we will deconstruct the Zombie and make it easy not only to protect your family and friends, but defeat them as well with the... 



  1. Sounds like what education reformers have.

  2. Captain.. I'd say the reformers ar the ones who want us to be Zombies,,,

    The are the ones who want to nationalize educational teastings and cirriculum.. A violation of the Dept of Ed's original authorization and reaffirmed by Congress in 2007 and a serious infringemant on the 10th Amendment..

    They are the ones who want to allow the government to compile a huge Orwellian data base that would include everything from your school records to your religious and political affiliations... Very similar to the ones Hitler and Stalin kept.. but they didn't have Bill Gates to help.

  3. Reformers like to use the status quo line to mask that they are actually promoting the status quo - NCLB on steroids, continuing a plan that all agree has failed, and top down expensive control. The overused word used in Zombie like fashion ends meaningful discourse and avoids answers to legitimate questions the public has a right to know.

    Gov. Chris Christie proposed Thursday that private companies play an unprecedented role in public education, managing some schools and creating others from the ashes of dysfunctional ones.

    The governor said the state would launch its experiment in five chronically failing schools where students are hopelessly mired in traditional approaches to education that have utterly collapsed.

    “This pilot program will provide an innovative alternative for those children who need it most, bolstering our efforts to ensure opportunity for every child in our state,” the governor said. “This program will begin to restore hope in communities where failing schools deny children hope and opportunity.”

    Districts wanting to participate in the five-year program would have to apply. If selected, they could either allow a private company to come in and manage a failing school or authorize a company to launch a new school.

    The schools would report to the local school boards and get 90 percent of the per-student taxpayer money the traditional schools spend. The management companies would be responsible for the costs of any construction involved in creating new schools.

    If the program is successful, it could expand to more districts, officials said.

  5. Progressives successfully killed a voucher program that sent 3,330 hundred low income children back to the hell known as public education.

    These vouchers allowed children, such as your grandchild Grumpy, to attend successful charter schools. The type that require teachers to teach, and children to learn. The type that would have worked closely with Tyler's family to find methods to further his learning.

    These are solutions...not more rhetoric. Frankly, I'm not sure what you support or oppose.

    Programs such as these are the responsible use of taxpayer dollars. Public schools, and the Department of Education has failed.

  6. You might want to research this.

  7. Anonymous


    This is exactly the kind of thing the Obama Administration you worship so much is promoting.. these ideas are coming straight from US DoED Secretary Duncan

    When Bill Gates money speaks. Obama is not so much of a believer in Redistribution.. I am wondering what's in it for him.

    Sharon Angle...WTF are you talking about? She's effectively out of the picture.. Do you still hate her because she dared run against that other Jackass you worship?

  8. such as your grandchild Grumpy, to attend successful charter schools.

    With a Bill Gates supplied, Arme Ducan Approved cirriculum?

    Much of what happened in DC had to do with Michell Rhee and local politics

  9. Sharon Angle was just on the today show. She has a new web site. I didn't catch what she's up to.

    Grumpy the whole damn thing is politics. I agree with Capt. The kids that go to some of these charter schools get a lot more personalized one on one attention. They don't fall thru the cracks as often. BUT you have to make sure it is a good Charter school.

    Parents have to be proactive. That is why all the information you and Sandra and Madpole have provided is so valuable.

  10. Fishy is right...parents must be the final determination for what they feel is right for their children.

    I have seen nothing that would support your claims concerning curriculum from anyone other than the charter.

    We have reached a sad state where even junior colleges and trade schools have had to reduce their entry requirements. They bend over backwards to get high school grads into their schools and keep them there. In my experience they are graduating kids with IT degrees who are barely able to spell IT.

    Fishy is is about politics and power. Not about education.

  11. The current education reform initiatives are FAR LARGER than charters and vouchers, In fact, many who oppose current national policies favor charters and vouchers. For the facts, with links to source documents, go to
    Look at the About Us and see who is involved. Read the information.

    Fishygal has it right "BUT you have to make sure it is a good Charter school." NOT ALL ARE GOOD. There is a substantial body of evidence to show that. It was covered in the Orlando Sentinel as a problem in Florida leading legislators to take a deeper look. Many have been closed, for gross mismanagement of funds (taxpayer's dollars). Another "successful" national charter is under investigation by the Labor Dept. for immigration violations because they imported teachers from Turkey. Charters are public schools, but many cherry pick students. If you have a special needs student, they will say no. They can and they do, and there's no doubt they are here to stay and been around so long now, it's hard to call them "reform."

  12. Charter schools are public schools that must adhere to State requirements.
    All but 8 states in the United States have agreed to follow the common core standards, common core assessment, and common student longitudinal database. A common core curriculum to support the other elements will emerge by publishing firms to meet the economies of scale. A common virtual curriculum is already under development and widely reported.
    Details, facts, and links to primary source material is available on the new website:

  13. Take a stand Sandra...what do you support..what is your plan.

    I think a plate of dirt is a bad idea for dinner..therefore I plan on eating something else.

    I am not going to chase the discussion in circles..I think I understand you are opposed to everything but the way things am I..but what DO you support.

  14. But to clear the air...the vilification of the word "Reform" is a normal debate tactic...we are not in a debate..yet.

    The truth about charter schools:

    What about this do you disagree with?

  15. So you support the nationalization of school curriculums.. Virtual Charters utilizing and paying pay teachers in Turkey.

    The creation of a national citizens data base that includes things like political and religious beliefs The rules for use without notification will include all government agencies and any Non Government agency some GS 4 Telephone receptionist might decide has a need to know..

    Multiple sources have been referenced here to substantiate everything Sandra's been reporting.. You can find them all on her website

    There has been considerable reseach that the government refuses to acknowlege that reputes the reformers claims (Like Global Warming)

    I be real careful that something else on your plate isn't SOS made with the real "S"

    Yeah, and this tosses out the 4th and 10th Amendments..

  16. I believe if you check Captain, you'll find that Bill/Gates and Pearson just formed a consortium to write the national standards (Curriculum and Standardized Tests) for Virtual Charters and picked up (I think) 180 Million to do so,

    Are you aware that the Virtual Charter law Florida passed does not require a school to even have a office in Florida... and there is no requirement the teachers be American or reside in the US..... Government encouraged outsourcing

  17. I am focused on the current direction of national initiatives as outlined in my previous post and the blogs I have written. I do not cover them because they are not "new."

    1) I stand against nationalized standards and support States development. Some states, Utah and Massachusetts had higher and better standards than the current common ones and had to give them up.
    2) I stand against common core assessments as an unfunded mandate on school districts, who do not have the infrastructure to support the intiative, and due to the non public entity's statement they cannot meet expectations due to lack of time, money, and technology. I support the use of tests that are currently available by the test publishers that do the same thing.
    3) I stand against the common student longitudinal database collecting information from birth to out of high school and the elimination of parent consent for sharing data among other government entities and researchers. I support privacy and security for school children and full consent for parents under FERPA legislation rather than unlegislated US DOE regulation.

  18. oops "them" = charter schools.

  19. I am saddened by your are becoming the very thing you oppose..or I thought you opposed.

    You may want to add this to your research..I am not here to change your mind..I am here to represent the truth as I see it. Not to persuade though unjustified attacks.

    Please educate yourself on this will help you in the future.

  20. Sandra, I think I understand what you question is..and has remained...what do you support?

  21. Captain my question is why do you support a scheme that was cooked up by Bill Gates and promoted through Barack Obama?

    Yeah I know Jeb Bush is on board too, can't help but wonder if that had anything to do with the 500,000 that went from the Gates Foundation to Jeb's foundation

    Why do you support a national data base like the ones the FBI and Homeland Security have been specifically barred from having after the excesses of Nixon and J Edgar Hoover?

    Why do you support the elimination of local curriculum control... Califorina mandates the the teaching of Gay History... North Carolina Intellegent design..

    If Obama gets another four years and this isn't stopped, you can bet the PC Gay History will find it's way into national tests.

  22. BE - Thank you for your suggestion of wikipedia for research. However, I am now going to a group of highly informed individuals with primary source material on the facts of the current initiatives. This group has been generous in discussing and sharing facts. I have posted the website URL twice already. I will not do so a third time.

    Believe whatever you choose. I am sorry too, for there is no discussion here.

    Have a nice day all!

  23. Grumpy, As you know I helped form a Tea Party group. I am no friend of liberals or the current administration. However, I am not a brain dead Zombie as the left would have you believe.

    In none of my posts will you see that I support any of the notions you accuse me of. That is a very common logical fallacy. If you can find a place where I support any of those notions please point them out to me.

    What I do support is verification that our children are being properly prepared to meet the increasing technological needs of this nation.

    I support holding teachers and administration accountable for educating our children.

    I support removing all federal, state, and even county meddling in what should be a city, or even neighborhood decision. As gpabud pointed out..each school should be run like a business.

    So far you have accused me of supporting everything from internet spying to Gay History..WTF do you get that from?

  24. From yo especially that's what I'm trying to figure out..

    Obama and Ducan have repeatidly called for national standardized tests... RTTT bases a portion of everything from student achievement, to teacher pay to the survival of a shool district on the outcome of the tests..

    Teachers, teach to the test, especially when the test results determine whether or not they'll lose their home.. That requires a national curriculum to support the tests,, A Constitutional NO NO, but necessary for Obama's reform to work..

    How long before the politicans find a way to politicize a national curriculum??

    Ducncan has clearly stated that to analize the results of the program requires extenstive personally Identifiable.. Personal information long protected by the 4th Amendment Data on a scale never before seen before Secretary of Education Duncan has also said that information would be shared with other government agencies and NGO's.. he didn't stutter when he said it.

    I didn't accuse you of internet spying to gay history... I don't believe you realized extensive data mining was built into the program...

    The Gay History is a California thing at the moment,,, any national curruculum will be politicized at some point,, Tennessee saw the possiblity as serious, They just passed preemptive legislation in the event Gay History Finds its way into a National Curriculum

  25. Whoa now folks. Let's all take a step back and a big deep breath.

    There are many valid points from all of you.

    Capt is absolutly right about the dumbing down of our children. This is an effort to make them all equal. Sorry but not everyone can be a brain surgeon. The world needs ditch diggers too.

    Grumpy and Sandra are correct about compiling a national data bank of our children and our information. BUT I think it's too late to stop it. This has been going on for years. And not behind our backs. We gave them this information.

    What we all want is a better education for our kids and grandkids. That is what we should be concentrating on.

    I don't like the standardized tests either but I remember dragging my desk to the gym in the 4th grade. We have always had some kind of testing.

  26. I will take the step Fishy...thanks


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