Friday, June 24, 2011

Gunwalker, is it grounds??

Bob Mack put the link out on twitter a couple hours ago..

Bob Mack


  1. Has janut been keeping her weekly appointment with the Speech Therapist? She was unable to say the words "Terrorism" and "Terrorist"

    Her appointment to HS still kind of numbs me. I thought it was a joke when originally announced. I guess it was because of her excellent job securing the border in AZ.

  2. USMC1949 ... She can't say "Terrorism" and "Terrorist" because her boss B.O. told her to remove such talk from ALL federal documents, along with "War on Terror", Islamic extremists, etc. According to Obama, even the Taliban are "moderate" ... What a damn joke!

    Good question, Grumpy: "WTF do we need Congress for?" Yesterday, both sides failed to vote to stop his personal war in Libya - after yelling for weeks that he by-passed Congress.

    Obama reminds me of an inch worm - the more they allow him to get away with, the more he takes - inch by inch. Impeachment is out of the question with this Congress; history will wonder why he wasn't carted off for treason.

  3. Aye Marine, his supreme court selections are even weirder, talk about unqualified!

  4. MP - Beginning with the pretender and chief.


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