Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Lone Marine

I came across this story while looking for an update from my son (the sailor who's in Japan) on FaceBook.  Yes, he's doing fine (thanks for asking!), but the story which caught my attention was recently featured on the "" site. 

It was the story of a retired Marine who, since 2002, has come out to salute veterans as they make their way through Washington, DC on motorcycles in route to the Vietnam Memorial for the Annual Rolling Thunder ride. 

Retired Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers greets inbound motorcycle-riding veterans in full uniform with a crisp salute.  The procession, on average, takes from three to four hours. 

Staff Sergeant Tim Chambers shows his respect to his fellow veterans by holding his salute for four hours - this year the task is more difficult than in prior years.  Tim Chambers recently broke his wrist - he waited to have it set until after this year's ride. 

Yes, the wrist he broke is the one attached to the hand in that multi-hour salute of his. 

With all the foolishness in politics, Washington, DC, and my own State of New York these days...  Thank God for guys like Staff Sergeant Chambers. 

He gives the rest of us something to aspire to.

You can find the link to the article HERE 


  1. At first, my heart was beating hard, than the tears flowed, I am so proud. Reminded me so much of that little guy in uniform pictured just to my left.

  2. Madpole, The loss you feel will one day lessen. It will never completely go away because love is a stronger emotion than all the others. You'll see Tyler again. He'll be there to greet you when you arrive. He'll take your hand and lead you to where you'll need to be. It's what Angels do.

    No matter what else, take comfort knowing that he took the love your family gave him with him. He's not alone. He's with you and your family always.

    Mike Kane

  3. When on the side of right, the task is never too daunting.


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