Thursday, May 12, 2011

NUT Report: No parent involvement wanted

NUT: No Unecessary Tests
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Sandra in Brevard
Nut Report

Gretchen Herrera, a parent of a child with Asperger's Syndrome and Type 1 diabetes asked to opt out of testing on medical grounds. Her requests were received with threats, resistance, and ultimately denied. The professional opinions from his medical team were ignored. Her son liked the virtual charter school and took the first round of tests, not wanting to "disappoint" anyone.

Mom checked his blood sugar level after the test and it was sky high, just as the lead of his medical team indicated the testing would affect blood sugar levels. In a posting on Facebook, Herrera says that she will not infict the rest of the tests on her son.

Why must I be forced to do what my doctors, my son, and I know will harm him? I want my son to have access to the joyful, useful, relevant, real, and interesting learning experience that our tax dollars pay for? I’d happily take my tax dollars elsewhere, but unfortunately, our compulsory system of compliance doesn’t afford parents such options. I am forced to subject my son to that which will make him physically and emotionally ill if he is to get the education he he deserves. The system has failed and my child is being left behind.

Read the full story here.

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****Grumpy Note****

I received a short email from Sandra...

She's still resting up, but when she saw Gretchen Herrera's story she thought of Tyler, the growing loss of parental rights and something Puma said.



  1. Recommending you follow the link and read the South Carolina DOE legal counsel's response to the request to opt out for medical reasons. The child's safety and well-being is apparently not the concern of the DOE.

  2. Five months and I still can't go to his site, I click on the link, hear the calypso music and break down hard crying, exit out and collapse. I miss my grandson so, he was my main man.
    They want other folks to feel this?

  3. Madpole: I wish you peace. Your strength is needed on many fronts.

  4. Thanks Madpole...

    It's more that our education system has been given to much power, and too much authority by the states. Politicians in DC and a couple billionares want to centralize all that power under their control.

    It will only get worse if that happens

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts completely...
    Not sure you've noticed, I linked Tylers site on the left side of the page..

  5. OMG grumpy I didn't realize that was a link. Madpole I think it's too soon for you. I didn't know the little guy and I can't click the links. I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. WTHell Some how my name got changed. I fixed it now. Must have been something with the mess earlier today.

  7. Fishy.. that mess this morning was enough to have me considering creating a back up site on another server..

    I thought Sandra's post was lost in Never Never Land... I had this ready to go, hit publish and got an error message.. checked the page.. the sign in bar and 1/2 the comments were gone.. managed to get back into posting long enough to watch it.. thene the Dasboard turn into error messages.....

    That's alright... On the forum there were people who were going to their site... and being told the site didn't exist. and the name was avaliable

  8. Gotta love this new fangled internet thing, Gumpy


  9. Read the medical request for the youngster to be evaluated by other means for his multiple conditions here:

  10. I wonder if we'll ever get the MIA Comments back... as I recall there were several on this blog..


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