Wednesday, May 11, 2011

White House, poetry, culture or racism

Let me try and take this slowly.  Racism isn't my favorite subject, there are those who make their living keeping it alive, If it wasn't for race, David Duke and Al Sharpton would both make a lot less money having to work for a living instead of playing on peoples fears.  I've got no intention of making race a primary topic and dropping to their level.  People come in different colors.  When I meet someone for the first time I notice what color they are. I also happen to notice gender, relative size, age and a bunch of other things, anyone who says they don't notice this stuff is a liar.  It all gets filed somewhere in the brain, not forgotten, but not worth any thought...

If someone asks me later what the person was like... They'll get, "She was a nice, good personality, fairly smart".  Outside of the he or she there's not much reason to get into the physical details.. unless there's something exceptional... "She was beautiful" or " He was green and had long antennas sticking out of his head."

Liberals on the other hand place a tremendous amount of empathise on race, while conservatives are more inclined to judge people on how they think and the relationship they have with the person. liberals pigeon hole people based on physical characteristics.

The first time I got called a racist over Barack Obama it caught me by surprise.  It was early summer 2008, and I was having what I'd thought was a friendly conversation about the presidential candidates. 

The question was simple, "What do you think about Obama?"

So was my reply, "He's promising too many things to, too many people.. it could get him in trouble, some of them are going to be very unhappy."

Reply, "So you're a F'ing racist, admit it."


As time, and Obama's campaign and the presidency progressed, it happened more and more.  Someone finally explained it.  You are an older white male, that makes you a product of a segregated school system and intolerant social environment when you were growing up..  Anything, anything at all you say that isn't apologetic or complimentary of a black person proves you're a closet racist.


The same logic makes it impossible for a male black to be racist.  They are always the victim and must be treated accordingly..  Nothing can ever change the fact they are trampled and stomped into the ground by the white man's oppression,  Even the President of the United States is still a victim... He's black, he'll aways be a victim

Which explains why it is perfectly accptable for the First Lady to invite a rapper to the White House who's  The rapper’s 2007 rap,

“A Letter to the Law,” talks of Uzi submachine guns, “the black strap to make the cops run,” and includes a call to “burn a Bush

New Jersey police, are not happy about his support for a cop killer. "A Song for Assata" lyrics like "Your power and pride is beautiful. May God bless your soul." Shakur, formerly known as Joanne Chesimard, was convicted for the 1973 slaying of Trooper Werner Foerster on the New Jersey Turnpike. She escaped prison in 1979, and is living in asylum in Cuba

As Pajamas Media put it "Some of Common's poetry could also raise some eyebrows among those who might find cop-killing and racially-tinged or misogynist language beneath the Office of the Presidency."

If I started talking about burning Obama or Uzi's and shooting cops, I'm pretty sure I'd get an official invitation to appear somewhere, and it wouldn't be as an honored guest at the White House.

This isn't the first time the Obama Administration has invited a rapper with a violent message to preform for them.  At a Rally in Philidelphia back in October Obama had a group called the Root Preform for him.  What can you say about a group, when their album over shows an image of a huge black demon grabbing terrified white people with it's claws? 

I can let you hear some of what they have to say for themselves..... they don't seem to fond of the police either.

WARNING...the F word is the only one they can say plainly

In 2003 then-first lady Laura Bush. planned a White House reading of classic 19th century poets dedicated to the works of Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman, .  It was derailed by protests from left-wing poets who refused to attend. 



  1. Oh thank God. I thought we were going to have to listen to Maya Angelou again. Whitman and Sandburg would be great. A rapper not so much. Akin to that urine & feces soaked Crucifix they tried to pass for art.

  2. And you are surprised by this Grumpy??

    This from the woman who was never proud to be an American. She's a bigger racist than my father but he didn't know any better.

  3. Michelle took the Affirmative Action when she went to college. She grew up on the South Side of Chicago. I didn't take the Affirmative Action when I went to college.. I went on probation. Had to prove to the university that I was capable of DOING the university thang.. I grew up on the South Side of Chicago.. just a skip away from Michelle hood. There was always a racial divide there. ALWAYS.. Who are we kidding.

    These rappers use freedom of Speech and take it to the gray area what is 'politically correct' for them.. It's like putting a circle in a square.. getting away with forcing it in..

    She should invite these ladies..

  4. Oh Swan they would fit right in.

    Grumpy I copied some of your post and threw it up on "the dark side". I'm sure they will attempt to crucify me on the pee/poop soaked cross.

  5. Well, it's that time again for the Kenyan to pull out all the race cards. Can't pull Rev. Wright out from under the bus wheels ao they have to find "creds" with cop killers. Wazup my bro!

  6. Fishy; Tell 'em to come pick on me.. Somebody let that little FT wannabe Che Guevara Terrorist out of his cage again..He's been attacking Sandra... Be interesting to see how rest of the FT progressives react to having there own stuff shoved in their faces without the Mods to protect them..

    Great Vid Swan, can always depend on you to add a unique touch to the conversation

    Marine, somebody should ask Mrs O how she likes Country Music

  7. Madpole.. this clown was also one of Wright's congregation

  8. Must be the Prez realizing he better grab the money for his campaign before this rapper spends it all on bling, a new hood in the Hamptons, and a solid gold Uzi. Whoops.....was that racist?

  9. No, racist means freedom loving constitutionalist now.

  10. Thanks Grumpy, I'm holding my own and even Facebooker didn't call me a name. Of course no one has offered a link to "right wingers" calling for President Obama's death.

  11. Fishy, saw no one offered a link to a white artist who praised a cop killer... but for a black artist to do it seems to be fine with the left.,,, Was the best they could do for a comparison really Ozzie Osborne?

    Greater Gator...Moving a bit of the Hood into the Hamptons might be good for the Wall Street Bunch..might be enough to scare them into dumping their oil futures so they could buy a gold Uzi..

  12. No worry Grumpy. Since I have had my blogs, I have been called all kinds of m.f.'s and a racist. Then when I flip it back in their face that I can't be a racist because I'm Black, it gets really nasty then.

    The Obamas are doing our children an injustice. I have struggled my whole adult life teaching my son and my nieces that rappers are not the be all to end all. I refused to allow them to listen to this music in my house and in my presence.

    Now they have children and the rules remain the same. I warned everyone that all hell would break loose the first time my grands or great nephews and nieces recited that trash in my house or uttered the N word.

    Since I worked for an entertainment law firm who represented many of these guys, I had the opportunity to bring my nieces and son around to show them that what they saw in the video was for many of these nasty and tough talking rappers a myth.

    There are millions of parents trying to teach their children just as we do and here come the Obamas to override our parental authority with this Common guy.

    The message to our children is, Obama is a mentor, Common is a mentor and you too can grow up to be a thug.

  13. Puma, you brought up another side of the discussion.. Something I said earlier, When I first visited your website I decided you were smart, mentally tough, well spoken and a decent person, likable person... a day or so later I happened to notice you mentioned you are African American on your profile... hadn't been important enough to wonder about before I noticed..why should it be important afterwards

  14. . I refused to allow them to listen to this music in my house and in my presence.

    Now they have children and the rules remain the same. I warned everyone that all hell would break loose the first time my grands or great nephews and nieces recited that trash in my house or uttered the N word
    Damn does that sound familar...Just ask my daughters or grandson...

  15. Puma - I have a Black Blogger friend who is also very Conservative. L get a kick out of it when the lib doofusses call him a Racist. We quietly high 5 each other.

    Grumpy - Toby Keith has a really good one for mich. Something about a boot in the a--.


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