Sunday, May 8, 2011

LA Fun with Communists, Illegals and the SEIU

Today was Mothers Day, I'd planned on keeping non political, just post a few short videos about Mothers and have a few beers. If you want to spend a non political day, never look at the news. I should know better, but this afternoon, when I should have been having a beer.. or several

I paid a quick visit to Big Journalism, just to reply to some people who had replied to my comments.  First mistake, I spotted an article originally posted on Pajamas Media titled SEIU drops mask, goes full commie   I found what has to be largest Communist Demonstration of Power in American History.  The story seems to have gone mostly unreported by Big Media outlets

The story had several photographs, part of a photo essay California blogger and photographer Ringo had posted on his website  Ringo’s Pictures   From there I went to the visit some of the SEIU websites to see what they had to say and found this video

These are the workers the lady is so fond of... Many are illegal aliens, infiltrators who crossed our borders illegally, to bring us this message..

Ringo has dozens of additional videos and photography of the demonstration posted on his website, I barely scratched the surface, I'd strongly suggest everyone pay him a visit.

Obama's relationship with the SEIU is no secret, neither is his support of the Dream Act, a law that would allow citizenship for this mix of communists and foreign nationals who want to return the American South West to Mexico, and apparently replace our  way of life with Cuba style communism.   Up until now I've been very careful not to use the word Communist, when I've talked about Obama, his appointees, his friends and associates.  It's like using the term Fascist, and Hitler.  They're not to used lightly, or to make some sort of exaggerated point.  Estimates are 100,000 people were there for this event, hard to exaggerate that number. 

Memorial Day is fast approaching.  More than 90,000 Americans have died over the last sixty years to protect America from the spread of Communism.  From the looks of things, if the Progressive Left, the SEIU and the Illegal Infiltrators have their way it, it will have been a terrible waste.

The teachers on the truck, if they were teachers were wearing the same shirts as the Young Communists



  1. Ah yes. I think that fist symbol is the symbol of the ILD the communist inspired labor union fonded in chicago in 1925

  2. Bring back the Sedition Act.

  3. Brings to mind a old, somewhat unknown song by the Rolling Stones called:

    Turds on the Run.

  4. Frank Lloyd Wright said (I'm paraphrasing) - Shake the world and everything loose will wind up in CA.

    Any surprise associated with this is due to anyone being surprised. Labor unions and environmentalist are now wrapped up in one big package called Progressives.


  5. The press didn't report it, because they were too busy marching.

  6. Don't even get me started. I have several friends that are here LEGALLY, from Vietnam, Mexico, and Iran. They are as outraged as we are about our Administration's open-border policy towards illegal aliens. I welcome anyone that comes here LEGALLY. Otherwise, you are breaking the law, and you need to get the hell out of our country. Don't come here demanding rights, because if you are an illegal, you don't have any. As far as the commies go, I agree with Madpole ... the press didn't report on it, because they were too busy marching with them!
    So much for unbiased journalism ... sigh ...

    Have a good day, everyone :-)

  7. You know Torimom, I really think Madpole pegged that one. Though I'm sure the Administration was happier with Bin Laden Coverage then they would have been with this... Obama's ties to the SEIU are legendary,, and the baby boomers all remember growing up under the communiiiist threat... it looks like it's back.

    Examiner.. There's a guy of USAT I can't wait to use that quote on..

    The problem SOL, is the turds aren't on the run, they're in our faces in cities like LA.. Maybe we should give California back to Mexico.. after we round up all the illegals from the rest of the country and send them to LA.

  8. Bob, can add the Alien portion of that back in..They infiltrate the country.. we should be sending them back, instead they want to tell us how to run our country.... and our president and his friends encourage it..

    Marine... in 1925 this bunch of illegals and communists would have been rounded up by the National Guard

  9. Fact-checking is almost a full time job. There was no march or demonstration of thousands of people; the only complaint came from an ice cream vendor who sold nothing that day. According the the LA Times, this march was in the low hundreds, little interest by the public.

    Freedom of assembly and peaceful expression is a cornerstone of our democracy. You don't have to agree with what folks say and believe, but no cherry-picking on the application of freedom of speech and assembly.

  10. "This year’s annual May Day March in Downtown Los Angeles was considerably smaller than last year’s demonstration which, because it coincided with the passage of Arizona’s anti-illegal immigration law, SB 1070, brought out more than 60,000 people, and only a tiny fraction of the 500,000 people who attended in 2007 when congress was debating immigration reform. The organizers estimated the number of attendees this year to be 10,000 and the police put the number at about 3000. Based on other demonstrations I’ve attended, I’d put my guess at about 4000."
    I misread the 100.000 that was a couple years ago when more illegals were bussed in..

    From the video's I find the 3000 nuber easily verifiable.. they also confirm street marching..

  11. "Only a few thousand people showed up for the nine-block march that started early and ended quickly. Los Angeles police declined to issue a crowd estimate, but marchers didn't even fill the intersection of Broadway and 1st Street, where the demonstration ended."

    Answers why it got so little attention.


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