Monday, May 9, 2011

Sedwick Maine tells FDA to:

After almost four generations of every increasing authority over what Americans allowed to put into their bodies, the Federal and State Food and Drug administrations may be about to run into a stone wall..  Since the first settlers arrived in New England from England, new England's have marked the property with stone stacked into walls.

Like any other fence they tell the owner where control over his property begins and ends.  They also tell everyone else, that when you cross the wall, you'd better have the owners permission.  Up until a few generations ago. you could get get yourself hurt trespassing.  I never happen to see them in New England, primarily because I wasn't up there that much.  I do remember when they were common in Virginia.

The folks in Sedwick Maine have decided enough is enough.. The town unanimously passed an ordinance giving its citizens the right “to produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing.” This includes raw milk, locally slaughtered meats, and just about anything else you can imagine. It’s also telling the state and federal government, their rules aren't welcome.  This is our community, you stay out.. As far as we're concerned, you're trespassing.  I waiting to see how the DC Bureaucrats handle this one.. New Englanders are a stubborn breed..  President Obama believes in rule by bureaucey.  Will he call for UN Sanction, or just instruct Eric Holder to declare a legal war on the Sedwick.

Here's a Way to Eliminate the Regulators and Lawyers, and Build Community At the Same Time: Organize and Declare "Food Sovereignty," Like Sedgwick, Maine

Maybe the citizens of tiny Sedgwick on the Maine coast were listening to the calls of Dave Milano, Ken Conrad, and others for more trust and community, and less rigid one-size-fits-all food regulation.

On Saturday morning, Sedgwick became likely the first locale in the country to pass a "Food Sovereignty" law. It's the proposed ordinance I first described last fall, when I introduced the "Five Musketeers", a group of farmers and consumers intent on pushing back against overly aggressive state food regulators. The regulators were interfering with farmers who, for example, took chickens to a neighbor for slaughtering, or who sold raw milk directly to consumers.

The proposed ordinance was one of 78 being considered at the Sedgwick town meeting, that New England institution that has stood the test of time, allowing all of a town's citizens to vote yea or nay on proposals to spend their tax money and, in this case, enact potentially far-reaching laws with national implications. They've been holding these meetings in the Sedgwick town hall (pictured above) since 1794. At Friday's meeting, about 120 citizens raised their hands in unanimous approval of the ordinance.

A tip of the hat to Skyflwblue for finding and sharing the story


  1. I like it. However, there are way too many liberals in New England.

  2. Marine, if this is any indication, that could be changing

  3. Grumpy - Yep, Scott Brown was but a pre-cursor of things to come. Even RINO's such as Collins & Snowe are now worried. It is tough to stop an avalanche.


  5. Anonymous.... figured you'd show for the California Thread...All your favorite people were there.. Communists, gays, Mexican Criminals, druggies and teachers who condone left wing terrorists.

  6. USMC1949: New England is libertarian country.

  7. Sandra - Lets hope they eventually show bernie sanders, john kerry, and bawney frank the exit door.


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