Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Unsheduled News 4.13.2011

A couple items came across this afternoon while everyone was talking about the President babbling about the deficiet this afternoon..  What a surprise that was, he wants to tax the rich, he's going to lower heathcare costs.  Congress isn't going to touch the Bush/Obama tax cuts until they expire in two years.  We spent well over a year listening to his nonsense about Obama care lowering costs before it was passed.

Politely put, Obamacare raised heathcare costs...

Okay, back to the real news

The TSA struck again.. just when you ere starting to think TSA Agents might start acting human, watch the video

The second item is a little different. Secretary of Education Ducan is helping the Obama create jobs..

In Turkey and India.  It's fine with the Administration because we don't really have any qualified computer programers in the United States

Web of questions arises about DOE contractors charging taxpayers for outsourced programmers  Juan Gonzalez - News 4-13-2011

A major technology contractor for the Department of Education has been using workers in Turkey and India to service the school system's computer network - and charging taxpayers $110 an hour.

Future Technology Associates paid a Turkish company $3.4 million from 2006 to 2009 to supply 12 programmers from Turkey, Special Commissioner of Investigation Richard Condon has found. An additional three worked from India.

The Turkish firm, Krono Bilgisayar, is owned by the same two men who run Future Technology, records show.

Those execs, Tamer Sevintuna and Jon Krohe, never disclosed their ownership stake in the Turkish company, although city rules require them to list all companies they own or control.


  1. One of the executives in court is named as the owner of Mera LLC, a Jacksonville FL company that also provided consultants. This outsourcing occurred between 2006 and 2009, but the article fails to detail whether outsourcing continues or has been stopped. There is no assurance of the privacy of student information either.

  2. Web of questions? Is that what this is? I know the answer, I have heard it so often, I have it memorized: I don 't know.

  3. The TSA incident is an outrage.

  4. Sandra,the entire Homeland Security Department has been an outrage ever sine Obama took office. According to HS all of America's 25,000,000 living Vets are likely to turn into McVieghs, six year old girls might have explosives in their hair, and no Muslims are terrorists.

  5. I'm not sure the outsourcing is continuing...last I knew all government computer systems may only use American companies..and American employees. But...local schools are not under the control of DOE...yet.

  6. DOE officials who supervised FTA are well aware that some consultants worked in Turkey and India, Walden said, largely because of the shortage of qualified programmers in the U.S.

    I believe that was as of last month,if I'm reading the article correctly

  7. Great post Grumpy. It appears to me that everyone in Washington, D.C. are pinheads.

    We have the TSA (by the way, I just put up the same video. No doubt great minds think alike) physically abusing our children in the company of their parents.

    Can you imagine Grumpy the damage that is being done. Children believe that their parents are there to protect them from evil people.

    Our government is destroying that sense of security in our young. No doubt, such an experience will affect a child for the rest of his or her life.

    The DOE outsourcing computers to Turkey for repair at the hefty sum of $110 per hour.

    This is disgusting. It appears to me that the American people is being molested from all angles.

    I recall a commercial of a young actor visiting students in class. She asks the children, what are you doing today and the children responds "we're going to China."

    The camera then pans to a huge screen and there on the screen are students in class in CHINA. The American students and Chinese students communicate share a lesson together.

    My point in recalling this commercial Grumpy is this. If the DOE can outsource computers, how long will it be before it is outsourcing teachers?

    You can bet that public school teachers, who by the way belong to unions , will never see this one coming.

  8. Puma, the teacher aren't seeing a lot of theis coming... Obama says more money for schools. they that and start cheering, without paying attention to the rest, when the States go to implement Obama's plans, teacher find out the details and they're ready to riot against the states

  9. Florida legislators were hungry for the federal funding and could not explain why, and still can't.

  10. I wonder if those TSA agents are background checked for pedophilia? I'd be looking at who takes a bathroom break after they feel up a child. Just think, you stand there watching them touch your child like that and you can't even call the cops to protect you. I don't think my boy's doctors touched them like that. Makes me want to puke.

  11. Fishy, you wouldn'd have time to look at who went to the bathroom..

    You and your baseball bat would be too busy making sure none of them had a reason fot that kind of trip to the bathroom

  12. Reminds me of the movie Airplane....

  13. Marine, what the hell could that little girl have been carrying.... We were assured that crap would stop... Obama needs to clean out his cabinet, it's way to cluttered with trash.

  14. Puma... as Sandra's blogs have shown, education reform has less to do with education than it does with centralizing control....

    Given Obama's tendency towards oneworldism, that commercial isn't funny..

  15. Hey grumpy you said something about them checking her hair for explosions. She was not old enough to have hair where they were feeling her at.

  16. I got POed at the beginning, while they were still going through the hair on top of head.. WTF were they looking for, explosive lice???

    From what I understand the mother wants to file criminal complaints against the TSA employees. I doubt it will happen, but it would solve the problem

  17. I pulled a blog post I had done in December 2010 and dusted it off for you folks.

    Have a nice trip!

  18. If I take a stab at reverse engineering what they were paying the programmers it would be around 15 bucks an hour.

    I know of no qualified programmer that would work for 15 bucks an hour.

  19. Opps..forgot to add...I'm not sure who pays a programmer by the hour...that is just silly.


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