Thursday, April 21, 2011

Janet Napotitano XXXXX in charge

I censored my own title

The Daily caller headline grabbed my attention.. that's what headlines are for....

Napolitano backs 6-year old’s pat-down: ‘Done professionally according to the protocols’

I figured the story was about the little six year old girl from Tennessee who been molested by Napolitano's TSA Goons a couple weeks ago.  I was right.. 

On the Morning Joe Show she said that if they started exempting blocks of people from security then terrorists would begin co-opting the exempt group.  She used the example of Abdula Ahmed Ali, 25, and his 23-year-old wife Cossor who were arrested in England for planning on bringing explosives aboard an aircraft it their baby's bottles.   Janet was quick to point out that a child could be used by terrorists.  But as always. she chose to ignore something else.

Here's the Morning Joe video:

"Done professionally according to protocols".  I wish she'd made that statement at an elementary school PTA Meeting, in front or forty or fifty mothers, right after they'd seen the video of the TSA treatment of a crying six year old girl, at the airport.

The Daily Caller must have had it in for the Napolitano that day, the same page had a link to another story..

Border Sheriff: Napolitano’s claims are laughable,
By Caroline May - The Daily Caller
Published: 8:21 AM 04/21/2011
Updated: 9:02 AM 04/21/2011

Border Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County Arizona has a message for Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano, who claims the U.S. – Mexico border is safer than ever – “that is an outright laugh!”

Last month, Janet Napolitano told an audience in El Paso, Texas that the security on the southern boarder “is better now than it ever has been” and that Mexican violence has not had a serious effect on neighboring towns.

According to Babeu, who had to reschedule his initial interview with The Daily Caller because of a shootout (with members of a drug cartel, fifty of whom were smuggling drugs in backpacks) and was on his way to visit a deputy injured by an illegal alien during the interview, violence in his county has increased dramatically, just in the last few years largely due to the drug cartels’ growing sophistication.  READ THE REST

Janet Napolitano made it clear from the very beginning her biggest concern was right wing domestic terroists.  According to her Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment  Sunday School Teachers and veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan returning veterans are all potentially dangerous.  Yet she, and the rest of the Obama Administration avoid acknowledging  even the existence of Islamic Terrorism...

I guess little American- English speaking caucasian girls with their American- English speaking parents at airports fit into her terrorist profile.  Muslims and the Mexican gang that control the border don't.



  1. What an idiot. No wonder barry is so incompetent. He has surrounded himself with morons and imbecilies. Didn't anyone ever tell him it is difficult to soar like an eagle when surrounded by turkeys.

    Reminds me of the movie "Airplane"..... :)

  2. Marine, started to say more, then I remembered a few weeks ago she took down 80,000 websites by accident... or just to show everyone who's boss.. The Woman's a national embarrassment

  3. Very easy to see why she had to make a hasty retreat from Phoenix.

  4. have no fear, a maxium of 640 1/2 days left of this nonsense:

  5. Lefty.. I'm thinking that's way to long to let Big Sis have her way with children

  6. You know when President Clinton first got to DC we thought he had surrounded himself with a bunch of idiots. AND he had, but he changed that rather quickly. This president, on the other hand, is so f'ing arrogant he doesn't care. This woman and several other cabinet members should not only resign but criminal charges should be brought.

  7. Fishy, I'd agree, but I think she might like prison... How about exile in Tehran... pretty sure they'd deal with her appropriately


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