Thursday, April 21, 2011

Your money’s gone with the wind (and solar)

Last Sunday I found an interesting article By Mark Landsbaum of the Orange County Register titled Your money’s gone with the wind (and solar)..  Since I read it I've been surprised not to seen it posted anywhere else or reven referenced in the assorted newspaper forums and blogs I read..  While the President is singing the praises of Green Energy to slove our  current cost problem oil..  Landsbaum puts some real dollar values on what the President is calling investment.. con job is a better term.  

I haven't checked Landsbaum's numbers, he and his paper are generally reliable.  Take a few miutes, read the article, have a drink, think about Hope and Change... then puch the wall.
Renewable energy is all the rage. California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a law last week to encourage more of it. The law "encouraged" in the way government encourages everything:
Do it or else.

Rather than produce a mere 20 percent of California's energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar by the year 2020, state utilities now are ordered to generate a third of it that way. President Barack Obama trumpets similar lofty-sounding goals for the nation, although he's not having as much success, considering Congress isn't as rabidly left-leaning green as California's Legislature.

When they use your tax money to underwrite their good intentions and to impose their will by force, isn't it a good thing? Aren't wind and solar energy low on pollutants and "renewable?" The sun always shines, and the wind always blows, don't they? Well, not always. More on that later.

At this critical juncture, as global warming alarmism loses momentum after being exposed as hot air, in the political, not atmospheric, sense, and the green-renewable energy movement it spawned picks up speed, we bring you a not-quite comprehensive, but rather revealing look at what it all means. Call it, renewable energy by the numbers

15-26 – The range of percentage increase that California consumers will pay for electricity by 2020, thanks to Gov. Brown.

34, 44, 74 – These are the percentage increases consumers will pay for electricity from, respectively, Southern California Edison, PG&E and Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, after adding the previous additional costs to meet the old 20-percent renewable mandate.

$500 billion – This, according to the World Economic Forum, is the amount that must be spent per year to prevent the worst effects of global warming, requiring a doubling of annual investments in renewable energy. Considering that temperatures haven't increased by a statistically significant amount since the late 1990s, we shudder to think how much higher this number would be if things really heated up.

$5.2 trillion – The Heritage Foundation's Center for Data Analysis says a federal renewable energy standard, such as Washington proposes, would reduce national income by $5.2 trillion from 2012-35. Californians: Get out your calculators to figure what percentage of that is your lost income so you can calculate how much you'll have left to pay your extra 34 percent, 44 percent or 74 percent in electric bills.


Those of you that read the article are probably rubbing your knucles and wonering how to fix the hole in the wall before too many people see it.  Just tell them you bought gasoline and paid your electric bill the same day, they'll understand...

For those of you that didn't have time to read the whole article, one more qoute from Mark Landsbaum

Ready for a renewable-energy green future? Pull out your wallet, put away your car keys, and prepare to grope in the dark.


  1. And based upon barry's action, he frankly does not give a damn. Didn't ken salazar say he did not care if gas cost $10.00 @ gallon?

  2. Now that people are ready to pick up pitchforks and head to DC Obama promised to look into it..

  3. Bet he has one of those round leather "TUITs" on his desk..... Couldn't have the lahti or espresso leaving any rings on that historic desk.


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