Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Word Puzzles and spammers

I guess some of you are wondering why you have to do one of those stupid word puzzles to make comments today.   The answer's simple, yesterday, Today I'm Grumpy About was the target of a liberal, pro Obama hate spammer. The world puzzles prevent people like from posting several commens at the same time

If I or any of my more conservative friends were to attack a site the way Grumpy was attacked, the left would consider it justification to call all of us mentally deranged KKK hatemongers and a bunch of other things.  They'll use any excuse, factual or otherwise to do that anyway.   Back in November  Mark Penn a Senior Democratic Strategist and close adviser to the Clinton's said Obama needs another Oklahoma City to survive.

Minutes after Representative Giffords was shot last month Politico Reported 

One veteran Democratic operative, who blames overheated rhetoric for the shooting, said President Barack Obama should carefully but forcefully do what his predecessor did.

They need to deftly pin this on the tea partiers,” said the Democrat. “Just like the Clinton White House deftly pinned the Oklahoma City bombing on the militia and anti-government people.”

Don't worry about right, wrong, guilt, innocence or the the truth..Frame the TEA Party now, worry about evidence later, you can always manufacture evidence it if you need to. 

Politico isn't saying, but you have to wonder if Mark Penn might be the anonymous Veteran Democratic Operative were quoting.  One way or the other it makes it clear the democrats care less about facts then they do Deftly Pinning crimes on conservatives. It is a key part of their strategy.

Is it fair for conservatives to make generalized accusations just because liberals do.. It's tempting, but I don't think so, at least in this case..  Yesterdays spammer has a long history, I sat with Tom Kehoe, Florida Today' Media Editor one day last winter.  Back then Tom told he'd banned the guy under more than 200 different names.  Tom also told me he'd just shut down thirty of his names at on time and that he'd been using those names to file 5000 abuse reports a week against other members..

That's not something a rational person is likely to spent their days and nights doing..  It's a little extreme for  an average lefty.  Because this guy carries thing to an extreme he makes it easy to pint out a couple things that are characteristic of the Far Left.

When things don't go their way, it's always someone else's fault...  When he gets in trouble for something he did. he either assigns blame to someone, or blames the person he thinks might have reported him.  Trust me on this, he could care less if he's blaming the right person.  It's much like some liberals are still blaming Bush for unpopular programs that Obama's expanded..  The Patriot Act and bailouts come to mind..  so what if Obama expanded the scope of the Patriot Act, if Bush hadn't signed it, Obama couldn't have expanded it.  That makes Obama's expanding the fool law, Bush's fault.

We've  all heard liberal posters on the various newpaper threads we comment on talking about the lack of civility from the political right..  Yet they don't see the name calling, personal attacks and hate speech coming from someone like yesterdays spammer.  Because he's a liberal, they ignore it.  If I'm posting around some conservative that's making a fool out of himself, I'm going to take him of before anyone else has a chance.  I consider those people an embassement to all conservatives.  But as a very liberal friend of mine once told me, "Most of the real nuts are on our side"  I guess liberals accept them with open arms because they want the votes, sort of a  Quantity verus Quality logic I guess.

Then there is the subject of real censorship.  If someone knocks Obamacare or Obama the left doesn't believe it should be published..  A while back the President of the United States called FOX News the "Most destructive force in America"  at the same time, a White House Spokesman was calling MSNBC the Country's greatest asset.  FOX question everything the President does, MSNBC on the other hand might as well be Obama's Propaganda Arm...  The implication was clear, if you love your Country, don't watch FOX...

Our spammer, once again, carrires this to an extreme.  He has the right to be heard, no one else does.  When he gets a named banned, he cries it's censorship.  The fact the name was banned because it was being used to delete hundreds of posts belonging to others doesn't matter.

In his mind censoring those that disagree with him is justified. and proper.  How can he be punished for protecting the world by any means possible, legal or otherwise from those evil TEA Party People.

Do ordinary everyday moderate Democrats want people like the spammer and Mark Penn being their public face?


  1. Great Blog Grumpy. I also recall the pervert in question mimiced more sensible commentors USERID's changing "I's" to "l's" and "O's" to "0's". in an attempt to cast ridicule or scorn on the original User. This same idiot screamed that we were deleting his/her/its comments, but our UserID's were not getting banned due to any TOS violations.

    I suppose much of its devil's work can be blamed on poor parenting skills (Was never taught social skills or made any friends.), and maybe the poor economy. (Unable to keep a job.) I'd bet he/she/it was also the kind who tortured small animals as a kid or palled around with people such as the Columbine shooters or Loughner. Bet that basement where he/she/it resides is dark and moldy. Most 2 year olds eventually grow up.

  2. This one ain't two years old, and he ain't too likely to grow up...

  3. No, but definatly a Section 8 case.

  4. Prior to moving here I used to love being a Judge for Debate competitions...It was amazing how smart kids can be.

    They key to political debate is easy I will never publish it in a public forum...if Grumpy or his other contributors ask by email...I will spill the beans.

  5. Seems like the "Bot" is back this morning. Funny that in the two years he's been Cyber Stalking abour a dozen of us


    And the countless times he's commented on things I've said.. he hasn't figured out that I never quote Glenn Beck, Limbragh and very rarely quote FOX, Maybe he really is just a bot, incapible of rational thought.


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