Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Playing Chicken

Update from Israel national News, This morning, it was abruptly reported that Egyptian forces were not allowing the ships to pass. However, other reports stated that Iran turned the ships back on its own


A long time ago when drag racing on public roads was fairly common the driver would sometimes pay a game called chicken.  Two drivers would aim their cars head on at each other and stomp the gas.  The loser was the "Chicken", the guy who turned his car away from a sure head on collision.  Sometimes neither driver was chicken..  Funerals Followed. It looks like there is a very adult version of the game starting in the Middle East.
I First spotted this on Bee Stings Website this afternoon. The Jersulem Post and now other sources are reporting Iranian Warships have entered the Suez Canal.  Israel is calling it a provacation, with the unrest in Egypt, it may well be intended to to provoke a incident.  Iran has made it clear they would like to go to war with Israel  For the last 30 years, the Peace Tready with Egypt prevented that from happening.

You can read the rest of the story, Wake up, dear world ...Do you see Iranian warships?!  on Bee Stings Real Americans,  


 Ron YIsrael  A USA Today Friend of mine and a personal friend of Bee Stings sent us this, from Israel


Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, spoke today (Wednesday) in memory of victims of Beirut at the organization, during which he sent threats toward Israel and senior refers to Egypt. "Every Israeli generals, wherever you go you will need to keep your head, because the blood of Imad Mughniyeh will not be in vain," said Nasrallah.

Nasrallah referred to the entry of Benny Gantz as chief of staff. "Ganz came to see the Lebanese border - Welcome," he said. "He's the same man, that was defeated and removed the IDF forces from Lebanon. Comes to you, chief of staff, completely limp. He left - Last of Lebanon, he was commander of ground forces could not enter Bint Jbeil. "He even went directly Ganz Defense Minister Ehud Barak former chief of staff, Gabi Ashkenazi, said:" I say now to the soldiers of the resistance - were ready to control the Galilee. "

Referring to the coup in Egypt, Nasrallah said that Israel's network of connections - an American in the Middle East, which started the collapse with the revolution in Iran in 1979, continues with the fall of Mubarak regime in Egypt, and that Israel and the United States lose their foothold in the region. "The post-Mubarak era will be very different "he said." We thank the young people in Egypt who overthrew the regime of Mubarak. What happened in Egypt is historic. "He also attacked the Mubarak, and claimed that Mubarak supported Israel in Operation in Gaza" -. "The world knows what was Mubarak's stance on the war in Gaza. Mubarak told them, 'continued'. "

Nasrallah claimed that Israel and all those who tied their fate with the United States loses from what happened. "For 30 years Israel has built a strategy in the south of Israel, they thought that Egypt is a strong and stable ally. Did not invest in building or investment power against the southern front. "

Before his speech, presented in Hezbollah, the senior squad that prisoners detained in Egypt, Sammy Shihab, who escaped from prison during the riots in Egypt. He was greeted with cheers by the audience. Shihab, waved the flag of the Hezbollah organization from the audience and motioned movement of victory. He was convicted in 2010 along with 25 other activists, of spying for Hezbollah in Egypt.

Shihab admitted that he set up a terror network in Egypt began in 2005, the main aim was the transfer of trained fighters and explosives for Hamas in Gaza.

Shihab also admitted that after the assassination in Mughniyah, a change of plans cell, and its members began at logistical assistance "to Hamas in Gaza, and keep track of tourist sites in Sinai, which tend to stay the Israelis, in order to revenge attacks there.

Mughniyeh, the terrorist murder of many Americans that, and grabbed an American plane. He was wanted or alive or dead. Mossad killed Mughniyeh in the Damascus Syria. His assassination came with greetings from the U.S. to the Israeli Mossad.


From Roni's report we can assume that Hezbollah now believes themselves to be in a position of strength.  Sammy Sahab makes it plain there's coordinantion beween Hezbollah and Hamas, at best guess would be coordination goes beyond logistacal support.  Civil unrest continuing throught the region in countries that have long been supportive of the United States.. and let's not forget the two Iranian Warships

Looks like Iran, Hezbolla and Hamas, very probably with help from Syria all want to play chicken with Israel, and they don't care if Israel wants to play or not..

As SIB would say.. Stay Tuned

And a very special thanks to  Roni

We have more from Roni

Netanyahu responds to broadcast Nasrallah, leader of the terrorist movement, from the world's armed, he meets Netanyahu, eavesdropping: "Who's that hiding in a bunker, that will stay in a bunker." Brief explanation, Nasrallah is hiding in a bunker, from the Second Lebanon War began, and left only once. Nasrallah scoffed today to Benny Gantz, the IDF chief of staff, and he said a soft person. Weak. Another threatened to avenge the death of terrorist Imad Moranyia. Imad Moranyia, is responsible for the bombing of Israeli Embassy in Buenos - Aires, attacks on American and French bases in Lebanon, kidnapping people - American hostages, hijacking aircraft, and to blast the U.S. embassy - in Beirut. He was replacing his crew and place of residence, so the world's intelligence agencies failed to find him. He was also known by Americans, "the terrorist with nine lives." Fearing for his life, he underwent a series of plastic surgery in Iran."He's with the nickname, the name " Iranian Carlos", the institution followed its movements, as that was a request from any cause whatsoever, interrupt the thread of his life. Skilled people with expertise, slipped into Syria to Damascus. The target was tracked. After continuous operation has been identified and routine, that it would Murano reach a certain apartment, where she was his girlfriend, decided on the character assassination. Model car, that it is a driver, he took part in the nature of the way, in order to perform the elimination. In a certain place, make certain bomb, similar to some of his vehicle. As yet he is in his company, it was necessary to replace the part in speed, in a bomb, consisting of about one part with the car. At the same time later, the agents away, and left the area, the rest of the story is known.

On the Hezbollah to be treated, and not to threaten. Israel of course is not looking for confrontation. Person who will do an attack, as revenge for the subtraction Moranyia, is expected to be hurt himself


  1. This is the most in-depth report of what is happening in the ME today! Israel's "defense" force - the IDF, IAF never provoke - however, the saying "Never Again" means just that, "Never Again!" and while Israel seeks peace with all her neighbors, she will DEFEND her citizens and the State of Israel an woe to any one who goes beyond threats.
    Because Israel is surrounded on all sides except for Egypt's 30 year "cold peace" through Camp David Accords, she is awake 24-7 and relies also, on the Guardian of Israel, who never sleeps ...
    with that in mind, it would be foolish for the Iranian madman to think that Hezibollah/Lebanon will perform what Iran can only do through threats.
    Meanwhile, here in the U.S., do you hear anything from this administration this evening that would even forewarn Americans that things are heating up int he Middle East?! While there is some focus on the demonstrators, that takes our eyes off of the real threat - that of an Iranian madman, working behind the scenes, to provoke Israel.
    To provoke Israel is like provoking our Creator .. would not want to be around when His patience runs out ..

  2. Bee Sting, I don't think we're looking at anything imminent, It looks more like Iran is feeling out the situation. They need to know how much military, diplomatic and populist support they'd have if they were to take it
    to the next level.

    I don't envy Obama on this one. Once again it looks his State Department and Intellegence people where playing with themselves instead of doing their jobs.

  3. I have worked with the IDF. They are not like a standard military force. They are well trained in tactics that are intended to win a war.

    They do not worry about nation building. They are ruthless, violent, and very aware of the all cost.

    Behind the scenes they make sure their enemies are aware that they are not afraid to use their military to hurt them...and they will not stick around to pick up the pieces.

    Our military is not used in this way. We not only fight to win the war...but we fight to win the peace. Military forces are not good at the latter.

  4. Captian, I was in Germany in '67 we had a one week non alert.. You're not on alert, but stay packed and don't leave the base.. A friend of mine who wasn't on alert either spent the week sleeping in a transport plane

    As it turned out, it was a good thing we didn't get helpful, we'd have ended up getting in the way

  5. Suez Canal operations manager denies Iran ship claim
    02/17/2011 01:53

    Ahmed el-Manakhli, head of the Suez Canal operations room, denied on Wednesday the claim that Iran is about to send two warships through the Suez Canal, saying warships must get permission 48 hours before crossing, and "so far, we have not been notified."

  6. Anonymous, Reuters posted this about an hour and a half ago, 2100 EST. But it also mentions that Egypt claims not to have been notified. Under the rules Egypr is suppposed to be notified prior to any warship enntering the canal. Israel doesn't seem to be backing off of the claim as of now.

    Reuters) - "Egypt's new military rulers faced their first unwelcome diplomatic exposure on Wednesday as Israel reported that two Iranian warships were approaching the Suez Canal to pass through for the first time since 1979."

  7. I agree with Capt. Black Eagle's description of the Israeli Defense force - 100%.
    No one actually wins a war, so you would have to define "win" and that takes in the purpose of going to or being dragged into a war.
    The Revolution - America won its freedom. WWII was a win against a madman and its Nazi armies, after murdering 12 MILLION people - six of those 12, the Jews.
    Desert Storm I would consider a "win", even though many say we did not finish the task.
    Did we "win" in Korea? or Vietnam? or Somalia, where 19 Marines were killed? Iraq, where Christians are being murdered in their own churches and Iran is waiting in the wings for the last of our troops to leave? Afghanistan, where we hear its time to sit down with the Taliban? Have we won the hearts and minds of any country mentioned? Our own US soldiers complain of their "hands being tied" while fighting for their lives and America's in Pakistan and Afghanistan ... while Iran sends its fighting Taliban into both countries.
    Soon, we'll be packing up and leaving ... will either country be considered a "win"? For who?
    Terrorism is here to stay - just look at the ideology of Islam and know that this war will be never-ending, unless the ideology of Islam changes and I don't see that happening any time soon.
    With all due respect, when the Captain says "we only fight to win the war and fight to win the peace" ... how does that differ with Israel? The are fighting to survive (win) and they must fight in order that their civilians are allowed to live in peace. The population of Israel is just about the same amount murdered during WWII - the size of New Jersey. They cannot afford to fight as the Americans do - they would no longer exist - period.
    As a few Israelis told me, they appreciate the support, but do not expect anyone to fight for them when the time comes.
    I thought about that and wondered, who would come to America's aid, if war were on our own soil? This administration has insulted not only Israel, but other allies ... would we then feel more like Israel, fighting to win and not to win the "peace" - peace for whom?
    I fear that the media and political correctness get into the mix when the USA fights modern wars.

  8. Iran warships not in Thursday's Suez convoy: official
    Israel's Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper described the two Iranian ships as an MK-5 frigate and a supply vessel, which would not present a significant danger to the Jewish state.

    "No Iranian warships ships crossed the Suez Canal today. The Suez Canal does not have any Iranian warship on its waiting list for tomorrow Friday," said Ahmed El Manakhly, a member of the canal's board who is responsible for shipping movement.

    Another canal source said 26 ships, including one French warship, had entered in the morning northbound convoy but also said the convoy did not include Iranian warships.

    Manakhly said warships of any country needed approval to pass from Egypt's defense and foreign ministries.

    ouuu ahhh... be afraid be very afraid Fox tv says be afraid...
    "The Jersulem Post and now other sources are reporting Iranian Warships HAVE entered the Suez Canal. Israel is calling it a provacation, with the unrest in Egypt,"
    Your no better than a FOX beck village idiot, spreading rumors and falsehoods as if it were the Gospel

  9. Bee Sting.. In my lifetime we've never won a war. We managed to get into Panama and arrest a drug dealer without getting into trouble, and we've put out a few fires here and there, but we've never actually won a war. We didn't come close to finishing what we started in Desert Storm.. most of us knew then we'd end up going back. I don't think any of thought it would be Bush Seniors son who would take us back..

    Countless times I've heard the post WWII reconstruction of Japan and Germany used as "proof" nation building works... That logic overlooks that before we attempted any rebuilding, we completely demolished everything that was there.

    Earlier when I said we'd have gotten in the Israeli's way in '67 I was serious.

  10. Looks like Iran blinked

    BBC anonnounced that

    Iranian warships' plan to use Suez Canal 'cancelled'

    Plans by two Iranian warships to pass through the Suez Canal into the Mediterranean have been cancelled, says an Egyptian official.

    The unnamed official was reported as saying the plans had been withdrawn, without giving a reason.

    He said the ships were near the Saudi Red Sea port of Jeddah.

  11. Grumpy, I'm glad you said it - I did not dare say we haven't won a war in our life time! As for nation building, I agree and that would get us into another very lengthy discussion. :) Enjoy your day.

  12. Bee Sting, up untill the end of WWII American Presidents would tell the Military in very general terms what they wanted accomplished. From there on, as long as it was being accomplished they stayed the hell out of the way.

    Had not some of FDR's closest advisors given the bomb to the USSR. I think Truman would have done the same... He was stuck between letting MacArthur win in Korea and possibly turning Europe into a nuclear wasteland in the process or fighting to a draw. From there on it was down hill..

    Korea opened the door to Vietnam. LBJ used Nam to win in 64 and thought until sometime in 67 it would get him easily reelected in 68. When he realized how bad he'd screwed up, he hauled ass back to Texas, 50,000 plus men died so LBJ could live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for, four years that America would have been better off without him. He did manage to keep the likes of Clinton, Biden and Cheney safe and dry

    Nixon used winning the war in 68 to get the White House, and "Peace is at Hand", in 72 to keep it.

    Carter and Iran, is still an embarassement.

    Bush Senior left Iraq for junior to finish.

    Clinton did a halfassed job, he nailed some of the people hehind the first World Trade, setting the stage for the second.. He ignored the Cole..

    Most people here are old enough to know the rest.

  13. We win the battles..our politicians tend to screw up the finish.

    Bush Senior understood the complexity of keeping a multi-nation coalition that included Arab states together.

    Israel can teach us a lot about how to deal with terrorists.

    It is time we quit being Dudley Doright...and Start being Doc Holiday.

  14. Captain, Understand your point about Senior, but not competely finishing a war always bites you in the butt later.

    Tito had things underr contol in Yugoslavia so long most of word had forgotten about old Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian wars. They didn't.

    There are countless examples.


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