Friday, February 18, 2011

Janet strikes again, 84000 webites shut down by accident.

Yep folks, I know it's hard to believe, Janet Napolitano has manged to strike another blow for to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness .  In a little over two years Janet and her ever vigilant staff clowns at the Department of Homeland Security  managed to blunder their way into more Snafus than any other government organization except the 111th Congress, and he President who put Janet in charge of Homeland Security. Before I go on lets look at a few, at a few, of her past accomplishments fiasco's.

Early on in her career at Homeland Security She labeled returning Vets and Church going Christians as likely to be Domestic Terrorists. I'm sure most of you remember gher Right Wing Domestic Terrorism Assement, if not take a look here

She's assured us our borders are safer than under her watchful eye, while closing National Parks along the border because it's much to dangerous for Americans to be near the border. Let's go to the Video

While she was busy not protecting the borders, Julian Assange managed to sneak off with almost a million sensitive Government Documents.  Or maybe that happened because she was at an Airport somewhere, groping little kids or ripping urine bags off of old menHarrassing returning combat vets,  From what I hear, she's especially proud of herTSA Groppers, and the way they treat children.

I guess given Janet's history of accomplishments this should have come as no surprise.

U.S. Government Shuts Down 84,000 Websites, ‘By Mistake’

You can click on the title and read the original story yourself.  The short version is Homeland Security managed to find a judge with no regard for facts or the Constitution and got him/her to sign what amounted to a blanket warrant to seize the sites.  Homeland Security is bragging about the operation while ignoring the fact they illegally seized 84,000 websites and slandered the owners. This is from the TorrentFreak article

That's very commendable Janet, but what about the 84,000 thousand sites that weren't dealing with child porn..  The sites were mostly small, the type Independent Political Bloggers like myself own,   Many people own sites like that. Just think about it a second, 84,000 is a big number. included in a number like that would be
In a press release that went out a few hours ago the authorities were clearly proud of themselves for taking down 10 domain names.

However, DHS conveniently failed to mention that 84,000 websites were wrongfully taken down in the process, shaming thousands of people in the process.

“Each year, far too many children fall prey to sexual predators and all too often, these heinous acts are recorded in photos and on video and released on the Internet,” Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano commented

Legitimate small businesses A restaurant might use their site to advertise, tale carryout orders and book reservations.  Contractors and builders use the websites to show case recent jobs and  show off customer referral letters.  Other small businesses have programs on their sites that allow customers to estimate and order product, right on the site

Those sites are perfect for churches, community organizations and non profits.

Schools use sites like that to show off off school accomplishments, and the skills and talent of their students.

There is no end to the legitimate uses of websites, another example;

Parents set up private websites so grandma can see pictures of her grandchildren...  I can just imagine grandma, when she logged on to the family website to show off her grandchildren to friends,  and found this.

Everyone of the 84,000 website that received a hit while that was posted has been damaged.  I don't know how you compensate Grandma for the embarrassment. 

 I don't know if some builder who has been struggling since the recession began, lost his first major job in two years because his client went to check something on his site and found that instead

God help the minister who gets to explain that, to his congregation.

What about the restaurant owner who lost 100 regular customers forever because they think the guy is involved in child porn.

To be honest I don't know how you make any of the site owners whole again... Some site, some small businesses will never recover from Napolitano's utter disregard for the Constitution and  American Citizen's rights to due process.  You notice I specified American Citizens, she seems deeply concerned about protecting the rights of terrorists and non Citizens 

No I don't know how the undo the damage Homeland Security did to the owners of those 84,000 websites.  I know for openers Janet Napolitano needs to go, possibly to jail.  This can't be excused by calling it a mistake.

Will Obama do fire her, or does he consider mistakes like this acceptable?  Maybe, like the 10th Amendment the first and fouth Amendments have been suspended during his presidency?



  1. Amazing stupidity!

    Who won

  2. Who won

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm not sure ot it's stupidity or arrogance..

  3. Probably both Grumpyelder. So tired of all the fools in charge.
    Who won

  4. Who Won.. sure can't argue that

    300,000,000 people in this country to pick from and we make someone like Napolitano what is (arguably) the second most powerful person in the country.

  5. Incredible, this must be what nappy was fussing about after the patriot act was 'suspended' and she said she needed tools to keep up the efforts against imagined threats.... I can see huge damages paid out to those harmed.

  6. Lefty, there is no excuse for what happened, the people whose website's were seized are completely innocent victims of government negligence.. I'd like to be on the jury awarding the payouts.

    I don't think you can sue the government, unless the government gives you permission, I can't see that happening.

  7. if gw bush had done this, the liberals would have called us nazi's. oded

  8. ODed; If GW had done this you wouldn't have ever heard the end of it.

  9. janut screwed up Arizona. No one in their right mind could figure she could correct her act at the Federal level.

  10. Are you suggesting the that Obama may not be in his right mind?

  11. I agree with USMC1949. She screwed up AZ. Here they had smoking bombs delivered to Pentagon day before the maniac went on shoot spree. She should of had all folks on HIGH ALERT.. She is a waste.

  12. "She is a waste"

    But a very powerful waste


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