Friday, February 18, 2011

Fraud and Wisconsin

Fraud: “A false representation of a matter of fact—whether by words or by conduct, by false or misleading allegations, or by concealment of what should have been disclosed—that deceives and is intended to deceive another so that the individual will act upon it to her or his legal injury.”
This definition, taken from the on-line legal dictionary, exactly describes the conduct of the each Wisconsin teacher that called in sick. Each and everyone of the teachers that called in sick and then went to the protests or rallies or similar is clearly and unquestionably guilty of defrauding their employer. By calling in sick, these teachers continued to receive pay while going and protesting.

Hopefully the Wisconsin tax payers are out with cameras and are videoing the protests. Armed with this information they then should demand that the state attorney general J. B. Van Hollen prosecute these teachers for defrauding the state and its the taxpayers to the full extent of the law.

How damaging is fraud? Here is what the FBI has to say about it “Public corruption poses a fundamental threat to our national security and way of life. It impacts everything from how well our borders are secured and our neighborhoods protected…to verdicts handed down in courts…to the quality of our roads, schools, and other government services. And it takes a significant toll on our pocketbooks, wasting billions in tax dollars every year.”

Eric Holder, you are suing the state of Arizona because you claim there is a possibility that their law to prevent illegals “might” result in some dubious form or racial discrimination. Where are you now in this given the flagrant, willful and intentional fraud by thousands of Wisconsin teachers? These teacher are not sick – they are stealing from the state.


  1. I won't try to justify taking advantage of a taxpayer supplied benefit so they can demonstrate for more taxpayer supplied benefits..

    I don't think it's a good idea to start prosecuting people for taking advantage of sick leave. It's something most people do from time to time.

    Some employers encourage the practise with use or lose rules. Others allow people to accrue sick leave through out their career, and then demand they use the time up during their last year or two of employment.

    There are other ways taxpayers can express their feeling about the misuse of sick days.. One would be to reduce the number of sick days they give teachers. That would send an unmistakable message

  2. Grumpy, let me see if I understand your position: sick leave is just another term for paid vacation; Wisconsin should pay the teachers to shut down the school; Wisconsin should pay the teachers to protest against its own government; and you are AOK with timecard fraud?

    Were I writing this column to day I would also add that the State should prosocute the Teacher's Union and any other organization that conspired to aid these teachers in committing fraud.

    There are legitimate ways to protest - and they have the right to protest. But they do not have the right to defraud the tax payers to attend a protest.

    *Lastly, to the Anonymous poster above... let me guess, you are one of the first to proclaim conservatives as hate mongers?

  3. Anonymous.. the spammer posted again, part of his comment is worth saving, just to make a point. Threst was obsenity, persols attacks and his usual idiotic manure.. I can't save part of his comment, except in the Spam File.

    I'll quote the part worth saving

    "Sick time is called personal time these days and maybe used at the discretion of those who accumulate it, and again and again anyone whoi disagrees with your peaTeabrain"

    If the moron had taken time to read my comment. instead of just spiting out his usaul crap, he would have noticed that this is one of those times when I disagreed with a Grumpy Blogger. Once again he managed to show his mental status.

  4. Just be; I understand they are using the benefit of Taxpayer funded Paid Sick Leave in order to force Taxpayers into Funding more benefits for them.. Yes that seems unfair.

    I think you'll also find it's legal.. The bot got one part right in his comment. Abusing sick days is so much a part of the American Lifestyle they are treated as discretionary time. Employers automatically factor the cost is factored into total employee cost

  5. IF it is referred to as Sick Leave...then it can only be used for that purpose. IF it is called Personal Time Off..then it can be used for almost any purpose.

    It is either case..additional vacation time.

    Collective Bargaining in the Public Sector has led to a false sense of entitlement. If they job does not give you what you wanted...get another job.

    Do not give me the "I Love the Kids" as an excuse for greed.

    The Governor is doing what he was elected by the Majority of people to do. I am really sorry the economy is no longer able to support bloated compensation.

  6. I certainly understand where you are coming from Grumpy - but I am with Capt Black Eagle.

    But what the hey, if we did not have different opinions there would be no need for the rest of you *wink*

    (Note, as I ponder this, maybe I should use the 130-ish days of sick leave I have accumulted....)

  7. Just be; That's part of my point. You've accumulated 130 days of sick leave.. The way ths system works, over time you've earned those days.

    If you don't use them, depending on how it's set up where you work, the year you retire you'll either: Take about six months off, and burn up the time that way. Leave your job with an extra six months worth of pay in your pocket.

    You'll either be compensated for not getting sick or you'll take a bunch of days off when you're not sick.


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