Monday, January 31, 2011

The Sacred Cow

When I was young and dumb…some will say the dumb part has not changed…a friend of mine asked me for help.  He was married and had two kids…he explained that he had run short for money to buy food.  I was single and relatively speaking…rich.  Being a super nice guy I lent him $100 to buy food for his family.  This is what friends do for one another. 

About a month later he approached me again.  This time the tire on his car had blown out and he needed some money to buy a replacement.  I told him that I had some money to loan him…but I would need it back since I was saving to go on leave.  He promised that he would repay me.  I loaned him $100 dollars.  He was so happy he invited me to his house for a home cooked meal…I never pass up a home cooked meal.

He lived in the housing area on base.  It was a very small apartment…part of a duplex.  The furniture was used…his kids were clean…and their clothes were very nice.  The apartment was clean…his furniture was nice, but I could tell it came from a thrift store. 

After dinner we sat down to watch some movies on cable, and talk.  He began to complain about how much the cable company charged for their service.  He told me that he was always running behind, but he couldn’t let them disconnect him…his family could not live without cable.  Most of us have our Sacred Cow…for him it was cable.

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