Monday, January 31, 2011

Anyone Need

a part time bookkeeper. Economy now biting me on the butt. Had a big lay off at the fish house and I got caught in it.

I promise to feed you a really good lunch once a week. Oh I'm good with the bookkeeping part too.


  1. Fishygal....sorry to hear about your layoff. I hope you find something soon.

  2. Thanks DFTTS. I was out this morning and have a plan for tomorrow too.

  3. Only once a week? I've heard you talk about your cooking skills before,

    I'm a little surprised, hopefully someone here can help.

    DFTTS, we've missed you. Had some good coversations while you were gone. The topics were fairly involved, the kind you're good at sorting through

  4. OK Grumpy maybe twice. My skills proceed me.

    I wasn't surprised. I saw the handwriting on the wall. Small business's are struggling. Of course that doesn't mean I'm not pi&&ed (some folks don't know good advice when it slaps them in the face) and a little hurt but life goes on.

  5. From Craigslist
    Ormond Beach-
    Small retail home improvement store seeks experienced bookkeeper. Self Starter and motivated individual needed to manage all finance and administrative functions including job costing, record keeping, scheduling, receiving, returns, permitting, accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and payroll. Strong QuickBooks proficiency and Microsoft Office skills a must. Excellent written and verbal communications and strong interpersonal skills required. Excellent opportunity to join a friendly, growth oriented fast paced franchise. Please email your resume including at least ten years experience in bookkeeping/office administration. We will test your proficiency with QuickBooks and Microsoft Excel. Criminal Background check and random drug screening. Non smoking environment.

    BUT only $10 an hour!!! WTF

  6. Exactly Madpole. That job description should pay at least $18. Hell I was making more than $12 as the Administrative Assistant to the CEO of a credit union in 1991. Most of the jobs listed around here pay slightly more. $12 to $13. Like I said I'm just looking for part-time. Headed out to some of the local markets this morning.

  7. bon chance mon ami!
    Brevard County Gov has some things but again the pay is stupid, I guess no one expects you to flourish, just sustain.

  8. Yes I saw they and BCC are offering $8.50 for experienced folks. WTF indeed.

  9. Fishy, maybe you can set up a daycare, homeschool. Parents already pay a fortune foor afterschool care, There's a growing number of people who like to pull their kids out of public school anyway. 4 kids at 150-200 dollars a week each.


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