Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nothing to Hide and No Excuses: Video Evaluation to Raise Teacher Quality

Sandra forwarded this to me,

I thought it was great

Just some of those Billionare Funded Organizations, Kinda funny that the business interests that fund them all stand to benefit by their vision of school reform.

Bill and Milinda Gates Foundation
Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation
Charter Teachers for the Future of America
School Reform Foundation, Charles Foster King


  1. "State School Board member Dr. A.K. Desai supports the use of video for teacher evaluation, a concept being piloted across the nation and funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. According the TEACHSCAPE, a company that leases video equipment for this purpose, says the initial start up costs $1 million per school district and $800,000 per year per district after that. I do not think these costs include the group of external evaluators who would watch and rate the performance."

  2. Orwellian is beginning to seem like an understatement

  3. If you goto YouTube xtranormal or xtravert, these cartoons exist on a lot of good subjects such as The Federal Reserve, Quantitative Easing Economics and how the Fed is involved in simple money laundering of Tax Payers money and printing more money without authorizations.

    I don't know if this is good or bad, but I am tired of paying for private schools AND public schools at the same time. I can not trust the public schools and can not get a bad teacher fired for obvious problems such as alcoholism or moral turpitude (did I spell that right).

    Eventually, private companies will provide On-Line home schooling that will provide chosen and graded academics as an alternative to public and private schools.

  4. Off topic, but an example of how even people like me can understand something, if put in cartoon format:

  5. Anonymous, you hould drop by more often, I've posted the Quantitative Easing Video in three earlier blogs when I was trying to explain the Federal Reserve to Normal People who understand normal math.

  6. Anonymous said: "I can not trust the public schools and can not get a bad teacher fired for obvious problems such as alcoholism or moral turpitude (did I spell that right)."

    (c)  Any member of the district administrative or supervisory staff and any member of the instructional staff, including any school principal, who is under continuing contract may be suspended or dismissed at any time during the school year; however, the charges against him or her must be based on immorality, misconduct in office, incompetency, gross insubordination, willful neglect of duty, drunkenness, or conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude, as these terms are defined by rule of the State Board of Education. Whenever such charges are made against any such employee of the district school board, the district school board may suspend such person without pay; but, if the charges are not sustained, he or she shall be immediately reinstated, and his or her back salary shall be paid. In cases of suspension by the district school board or by the district school superintendent, the district school board shall determine upon the evidence submitted whether the charges have been sustained and, if the charges are sustained, shall determine either to dismiss the employee or fix the terms under which he or she may be reinstated. If such charges are sustained by a majority vote of the full membership of the district school board and such employee is discharged, his or her contract of employment shall be thereby canceled. Any such decision adverse to the employee may be appealed by the employee pursuant to s. 120.68, provided such appeal is filed within 30 days after the decision of the district school board.

    Florida Statues
    Title XLVIII, Chapter 1012, K-20 Education Code, Personnel, 1012.33

  7. I should be resting today, but instead I've been poking at the Florida Constitution and Statutes. Regarding whether this video plan is "good or bad" amounts to fiscal responsibility in my view. Look at the costs.

  8. Incompetency is a real subjective word. Looking back, I had a bunch of incompetent teachers, also had a lot of very good ones. Could be that the goods were so so good, they make the average ones look very bad.


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