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Why are schools promoting Homosexuality

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Is one's right to free speech automatically

rescinded when one becomes a teacher?  I'm
appalled that a person, who otherwise performs
his duties well, is sacked for expressing an opinion that is held by, probably, 99% of the population.
this PC crap will be the ruination of our civilization! [welcome to the "Spanish inquisition" redux!!]
American Family Association

Florida school suspends 'Teacher of Year' over his support for natural marriage

This kind of flagrant, unconstitutional and unconscionable anti-Christian bigotry must not be allowed to stand.
August 22, 2011

Dear AFA Supporter,

A Florida teacher has been suspended and removed from the classroom in Mount Dora, Florida, for comments made on his Facebook page against homosexual "marriage." Liberty Counsel will be representing the teacher in court.

In response to New York's passage of a same-sex marriage bill, Jerry Buell criticized the new law in a pair of Facebook posts. He wrote, "If they want to call it a union, go ahead. But don't insult a man and woman's marriage by throwing it in the same cesspool of whatever. God will not be mocked. When did this sin become acceptable?"

Just minutes later, he added, "I will never accept it because God will never accept it. Romans chapter one."

This reference to Scripture and man-woman marriage has now been labeled as a "code ethics violation" by school officials.

Mr. Buell is currently subject to an Inquisition-type investigation. The school will not let him back into the classroom, says a school official, "until we do all the interviews and do a thorough job of looking at everything - past or previous writings."

Says Mr. Buell, "It was my own personal comment on my own personal time on my own personal computer in my own personal house, exercising what I believed as a social studies teacher to be my First Amendment rights."

It's worth noting that Florida's constitution prohibits recognition of same-sex marriage, the exact view Mr. Buell supports. In essence, he is now being accused of hate speech for expressing a view enshrined in the state constitution.


Send an email today to the Lake County school superintendent and school board, insisting that Jerry Buell be returned to the classroom immediately and that no disciplinary action be taken against him.

Take Action NowSend your email to the Lake County school superintendent and school board now!

It is very important that you forward this alert to your friends and family members.



Tim Wildmon, President
American Family Association

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Grumpy Note:

Actually a couple Grumpy thoughts..

First of all, The Defense Of Marriage Act is still in force, any comments the teacher made seem to support the law. Obama and Justice Department may have (illegally) decided not to defend the law against a lawsuit brought by a small group of people who happen to be part of his support base,  That doesn't invalidate the law.  DOMA is still the law of the land and the teacher would be justified if he taught students they should support and obey the law.  We're entitled to disagree with a law, and fight to get it overturned, but while it's law we have an obligation not only to obey the law, but to teach our children to do likewise..

The entire affair brings into question whether Educators have a legitimate role in teaching kids things that are completely contrary to the Country's Traditions, and very often at odds with what the parents are trying to teach their children..  This is a headline from this mornings Grumpy Daily,,

School Reading List Featured Books on Lesbian Sex, Gay Orgy - Most of us can remember many of the books on the assigned reading list in middle and high school — from Charles Dickens’ “Great Expectations” to Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s “Crime and Punishment.” Today, ... 


I can't see that making the front page of many MSM news outlets.. 

 The Township is now apologizing, saying "Some of the Language was inappropriate, but hey, we're just trying to get kids to read"

He mentioned language, not topic. What they were trying to get them (them includes Middle School)  to read about included homosexual orgies in one and in another a graphic description of a lesbian relationship between a 31 year old woman and a 13 year old girl.

In California Schools teaching Gay History is now mandatory.. There's a blogger out there, I don't always agree with her, her audience is mostly black, occasionally she plays to race.   When race isn't part of the conversation, she comes across as just what she is, an average American and concerned mother, who thinks the way most American think..  And an average American with some great communication skills she speaks in a way everyone understands and makes more sense that virtually all the media talking heads.. 

Over the course of a few weeks we have at least three examples of Gay being pushed into our schools,  Here in Florida, we have the Jerry Buell facebook teacher case.  In new Jersey, there was the attempt via the "Reading List and in California the legislature pushed it into effect.  Homosexuality has long been one of the far left's favorite issues, it seems clear they're using their influence to promote the subject in our schools  With the creation of a Nationalized Curriculum under the guise of Common Core Standards, and the ability of bureaucrats to bypass legislation and regulate laws into existence, will it matter what the Rant Chick, or any of the rest of us think? 



  1. I have two "girls" in my classes. These ex-boys will never know athletic competition or child birth. Thank you PC crowd for creating walking abominations, they are real popular and accepted....., NOT! What, you just wake up every day and say, how can I screw up someone's life today?

  2. Why shouldn't gay's know the miseries of marriage and divorce?

    They can't reproduce, so their effect on society is a "net nothing".

    Who would cut our hair and poof our pads?

  3. Most likely the current uber lib bias within the DOE, and 30+ years of liberal professors at liberal Arts colleges and Universities throughout the country.

  4. There's another move on

    B4U-ACT classifies pedophilia as simply another sexual orientation and decries the “stigma” attached to pedophilia. B4U-ACT science director Howard Kline has criticized the definition of pedophilia by the American Psychological Association, describing its treatment of “minor-attracted persons” as “inaccurate” and “misleading.”

  5. It is well-published that employers are looking at FB pages of their employees, and use that against them. It doesn't matter if these comments are made off working hours. FB is not private and no one should believe it is.

  6. If you are on the internet someone is watching you. NEVER forget this. They teach it in spy school.

  7. Sandra--that's true, The teacher spoke out against gay marriage which is still illegal in most states-- That bothers the PC Crowd,, Because the law and Politically Correct clash in this instance

    Should PC trump both the First Amendment, and the law?

  8. Seem to recall someone in barry's DOE is/was a member and advocate of that disgusting nambla organization.

  9. Fishy, I feel left out, they didn't teach it when I went to spy school..

    Think you're right Marine,

    The name migration reminds me of how Illegals went from Illegal alien, to Undocumented Worker to Undocumented Immigrant to just plain Immigrant-- a move designed to confuse them with the people who bust their butts to become citizens under the law.

    Homosexuals also went through some name changes.. each one making them more socially acceptable-- now we're at a point where middle schools seem to be encouraging experimentation---WTF

  10. WTF.........Went from What The F*ck to Who To F*ck.

  11. Believe me folks Homosexuals are the least of our worries. Muslims on the other hand are threatening our well being. There is a much larger chance Obama is Muslim then Gay. Keep the big picture in mind.

  12. We can battle on multple fronts Fishy. We have to.

  13. yo, guys, i can't think of anything worse than a "gay, leftwing, commie. socialist, muslim"! beware!...the beast is evolving. alphamom
    [p.s. ...but, w/ a wife who looks like MO, he [O-bomb]just MIGHT turn gay!]

  14. Fishy-- read the Daily, his affection for Islam isn't going unnoticed by the blogging community... The Problem is we have to win on Multiple fronts... Mad Pole's right....

  15. This is an issue where my conserv friends are wrong. I thought conservatives were all about more freedom and smaller government. The comentary here is just the opposite. Bottom line is that what goes on between consinting adults isn't you're business. Moreover why do you-all want the government involved in what goes on in bedrooms?

  16. It has gone from what you do in your bedroom is your own business, to, we HAVE to accept sexual intercourse as a denominator of freedom. Now the kids HAVE to be educated on different sex acts, why? THEY ARE KIDS! NOT SEX TOYS!!!!! The push is to normalize aboherrent behaviour, sex is NOT for kids, it's for adults! Seems simple enough to any rational human, so why do we have to have this battle? Because, we are the protectors of the innocent while the enemy are the predators. Let the children grow up in a warm fuzzy place, secure from harm and free from debauchery. Let them decide what to do with ther bodies for themselves when they are old enough to understand the consequences. Don't tread on me or in me!!!! WE went from eat your spinach to hey kids, lets learn about orgies!! Just plain sick is what it is. KIDS Aqua, deserve a chance to be kids, not "little sexual beings."

  17. I absolutely agree with madpole and Aqua. My friends 7th grader learned a lot of stuff yesterday. All from the graffiti in the girls bathroom at Johnson Jr high, yet she had to sign a permission slip for her other daughter to listen to the Boy Scout pitch in the classroom. This not because she's a girl, but because the BSA are against homosexual men being leaders for the boys.

    As I said I am much more concerned about Muslim's invading our country. For God's sake they kill people that don't agree with them.

  18. yes, it's NOT "bedroom antics" that we want to put the kibosh on, it's the fact that the schools, all over the country, are advocating teaching young children that homosexual behavior is normal. they also teach the "how-to manual" in classrooms, too. they have plenty of time to learn about those activities after they've completed their formative years & go into adulthood where they can, hopefully, make mature judgments in that regard. we must rid ourselves of the influence of the "safe schools" czar, [appointed by O-bomb], kevin jennings. he is a practicing, openly homosexual who is performing his duties as the fox, who is guarding the henhouse ie., the nation's schools. alphamom/marianne


    This Doctor is very well spoken on B4U-ACT.

  20. AG Right up front, I don't believe homosexual relationship should suddenly be elevated to a status that's been reserved exclusively for a man-woman relationship for the last 100,000 Years..

    The issue here is schools teaching and encouraging homosexual behavior by twelve year olds

  21. The entirety of the NAMBLA smear, one of the most prejudicial accusations you can make, stems from a line in a speech that Jennings gave in 1997:

    One of the people that’s always inspired me is Harry Hay, who started the first ongoing gay rights groups in America.

    Jennings makes a few other references to Hay, all in the context of Hay’s founding of the Mattachine Society, the gay rights group he refers to in the opening line.

    Henry “Harry” Hay was, indeed, a pioneering figure in the gay rights movement. Much later in his life, he was also supportive of including NAMBLA under the gay rights umbrella, a fact that mainstream gay advocates rejected and viewed as an embarrassment. As George Stephanopoulos pointed out, Jennings’ praise for Hay was confined to his early work, and there’s no reason to believe Jennings even knew of Hay’s “association” with the group. The fact that this information was omitted from Hay obituaries in major newspapers supports this conclusion.

    Stephanopoulos also guessed correctly that Hannity, et al, were overselling Hay’s NAMBLA connection, a fact that the Washington Examiner’s Mark Tapscott was forced to acknowledge. Hay was not a member, and had no formal connection to the group.

    "Believe me folks Homosexuals are the least of our worries. Muslims on the other hand are threatening our well being. There is a much larger chance Obama is Muslim then Gay. Keep the big picture in mind" ROFLMAO. You can take the firl aout of the stupid but you can't take the stupid out of the girl.

  22. Anonymous--- and on the question of mandating 13 year old kids read about gay orgies

  23. Anonymous, NAMBLA and being homosexual are two different things. As are pedophilia and being homosexual. You sure seem to know a lot about it. Is there something you would like to tell us.

  24. "Anonymous, NAMBLA and being homosexual are two different things. As are pedophilia and being homosexual. You sure seem to know a lot about it. Is there something you would like to tell us."

    "This not because she's a girl, but because the BSA are against homosexual men being leaders for the boys."

    You seem thouroughly confused about what you're trying to peddle. I think it's obvious who isn't sure about what they, it,
    If leaders of BSA are homosexual...and pedophilia is "different" then which misconception are you trying to further?

  25. Anonymous---Not trying to peddle any thing-- Clearly the school reading list was promoting both homosexuality and pedophilia..

    I suppose in San Francisco it might make sense mandate the world stop so the kids can learn about the gay lifestyle in school-- But as the Rant Chick explained-- even Californians think that part of the state is weird.. If Californians think that--you can imagine what the rest of the world thinks..

    Fishy said nothing about Scout leaders being Gay-- she said they were opposed to Gays being a role model... big difference..

    Nobody care about what adults do in their own bedrooms.. A common trait among gays they shove behavior in other peoples faces... That's offensive..

    What are you trying to peddle??

  26. The question wasn't directed to you.


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