Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DC Quake Videos

Looks like some good videos'of  the DC Quake can be found here....

 True Tourtillott 
 by FTR__Radio

 Bruce Novozinsky 
 by littlebytesnews

This one sucks

  This one is the best so far


  1. It's a warning from God. Get your asses back to work and fix the problems in this country. OR keep your asses out of here I'll do this myself.

    Sorry I've had my feeling hurt on the forums. They actually called my ethics into question and pissed me off. Now I'm on a tear. Watch Out.

  2. I'm sorry guys. I feel better now. Thanks for letting me unload. I promise to behave myself.

    Anyone wanna buy a bridge :)

  3. Fishy, which forum? Who needs a talking to...

    I need to capture some of Puma's tweets about the Quake-- they were priceless

  4. The politics forum on Florida Today. I'm pissed and not taking prisoners. Two of the guys I have played nice turned on me this morning and all I can say is have you ever seen a clown fish turn into Jaws?

  5. Damn, I was just in Richmond and NOVA 2 weeks ago. Got the word from my co-workers in Fairfax, Alexandria, Leesburg, and Manassas that dogs barfed, and pictures fell off the walls. Even some cracks in plaster. No reports though of any injuries or major damage. VA Beach and Newport News is now gearing up for Irene.

  6. It weasn't an earthquake. Just the forefathers rolling over in their graves.

  7. Fishy, If it was the varmint, he/she/it has now been banned again for the umpteenth time. Must have been something he/she/it wrote.


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