Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Senate Debt Ceiling Vote 74 to 26

The Cspan Ribbon Reads Senate Passes Bill, goes the the White House next but they're still announcing votes.. A full Roll call

I'll wait for the final

And the number is..74-26

Like it or not, we're stick with it... we should have called Obama's bluff, Congress didn't agree..

From their stand point,  this should tone down debt talk until after the election


  1. Thinking about Thanksgiving it will once again get hot and heavy. I certainly hope all Republican (TEA Party) candidates run on a quest to allow the Balanced Budget Amendment to go before the states.

  2. The whole damn bill is nothing but smoke and mirrors. All accounting tricks on paper. These guys really piss me off. I'm keeping score. Can't wait till one of them ask me for a donation.


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