Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Debt Ceiling Solution???

Or a scam to get past next years elections

The big news of the morning is expected to come around noon when the Senate votes on the Debt Ceiling Compromise,, as soon as that happens, I'll post the details here

The Bill Passed the House last 269 to 161--62 Republicans, and 95 Democrats voted against it..  Leaving Obama Supporters howling that the President had caved, and TEA Partiers suggesting strongly Speaker of the House John Boehner might be happier in another line of work.

The truth of the matter is there are no cuts.. Congress will simply cut back on the amount it had planned on increasing spending... If they don't change the law, as soon as it becomes inconvenient to follow it.. It set up a Super Congress, a Committee will decide about cuts, and taxes, with no input from the Public or even Members of Congress...  Years ago a first aid instructor told me the purpose of first aid was to stabilize the patient and keep things from getting worse, until Professional Medical Assistance could be obtained.  Congress didn't try and solve the problem, they figured a little first aid would get them past the next election.

Here's the short version of what happened 

Here's the solution

Not Music I'd normally listen too, but the line about
 "Big piles of money, all shovel ready"
 made me chuckle a bit.


  1. They think we all must watch NBC, ABC or CBS to figure we are this stupid.

  2. Not seeing any real wisdom in this. Since the projected deficit will be more in 10 years than it is now, there is no path to fiscal responsibility. Hell, the proposed cuts will not even cover the added costs for the unaffordable HC Act. We need many more TEA Party members in the House & Senate.

  3. I am not voting for any incumbent in the next election. I plan to let them all know this. I have never seen so much ass kissing in my life. I could use a different term here but I'm a "lady". I think you all get my drift. They sure didn't do what I hired them for. IDIOTS

  4. fishygal for congress!!!

  5. Thanks Madpole. Way too many bones in my closets. LOL


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