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Microsoft Windows 7 - Pirates, a Virus or Hackers?

I'm re-posting this from Beesting's Real American's Defend Israel with her permission and blessing..

This blog came about a little different than most.. Yesterday I was on the phone with Beesting, she was frustrated (there are better words, but I'll be polite) with her computer, and Microsoft over some issues.. When she started talking about the problem, step by step, I was able to tell her what happened next.  In October or November I purchased a new computer, from a legitimate retailer with Windows 7 installed.. My problems with Windows 7 started exactly the same time and with the same Microsoft Updates as BeeSting's problems..  After Nine Months and a Rash of Microsoft Updates, suddenly Microsoft is telling me that my copy of Widows is not Genuine

Beesting tells the story better than I do..


Do Pirates like Microsoft Windows 7?


August 4, 2011
Bee Sting

Last October I upgraded from Vista to Windows 7 Microsoft and for the past 9 months, the new Windows 7 was the best thing since Mom's apple pie and ice cream!  It upgraded on a regular basis and the Security Essentials kept my computer "clean".

However, on July 8th, after the computer had downloaded Window's 7 upgrades - I received a dreaded message from its Security Essentials - "WARNING! Your software has been compromised and you may be using an illegal copy of Windows 7 - please go to Microsoft for further assistance"...(words to that effect).  

Immediately, I went directly to Microsoft's web site, searched for information, read the part about needing to purchase a "NEW" copy of Windows if my copy was compromised, etc.; found a phone number to call for further assistance; continued to use my computer after running it through a reliable Malware program (found nothing, no virus, etc.), but that "warning" kept popping up and Windows would no longer "update" my computer.

Finally made the phone call to Microsoft and spent the next two hours speaking to five different people; repeating the problem five separate times; and the bottom line was, from a Microsoft technician, "You have a virus on your computer giving you that warning message; that message is not coming from Microsoft."  I asked,"How is that possible, since I use Microsoft's Security Essentials?" - The technician gave no response. And since they had verified over the phone that my Code was correct for my copy of Windows 7, the only further help offered was that I stay on the phone for about an hour longer, in order to be walked through a way to locate and clean off any "virus" on the computer.

I politely refused further assistance from the technician, since my ear was ready to fall off from already being on the phone for  two hours.

The following day, I inserted my Windows 7 disk, reloaded, lost the brain and everything on the hard drive, as Windows 7 installed (again!).  A friend told me I should have moved anything important to another Drive, off of the "C" Drive, in order to keep my stuff when Windows reloaded (free advice for anyone with the same problem).

My computer is now "clean" since reloading, updates are being downloaded correctly and Security Essentials is running just fine.  However, yesterday, received a phone call from a friend who also has a "blog" and guess what?!  He informed me that he is receiving a message that his Windows 7 software has been "compromised" and his Windows 7 will no longer update!

Since this friend lives 1,000 miles away from me, it's not in the cable or the cable company lines.  We began comparing notes and what we have discovered is that his computer and mine both received the warning messages around June 8th or 9th - AFTER Windows downloaded an UPDATE!

So, if there are others out there in the world of the Internet, with the same problem, I would say Microsoft's Windows 7 has been compromised  and suggest Microsoft locate a breach in their "Security", because whatever your company considered an "Update" was, in fact, an update to a serious breach affecting our computers and I ask Microsoft:  "Do you have pirates working behind the scenes?  Or, perhaps Windows 7 has contacted a virus, like the measles or mumps?!  Maybe the "updates" were hacked into before sending it off to all using Windows 7?"

From Here Beesting Raises a several very interesting Questions,


  1. No operating system competition in the PC world. So we are stuck. Don't like the software? Tough..nowhere else to go. It stinks.

  2. Thanks for the Heads-Up. About 6 times over the last several months I have come real close to updating, but a little birdie kept saying maybe next week. (If it ain't broke don't fix it thingies.) I had many problems with Win ME, but Vista has been extremely stable.

  3. I liked Vista better than Windows 7, but mine came with 7.. I got used to it, the MS started all the updates...and well, now I don't have much kind to say about Microsoft or Windows 7..

  4. I'm running 7 on this laptop and Vista on the desktop. I like them both but I think Vista is friendlier.

    BTW Grumpy, remember the problems we had with the laptop? Same thing happened to Mr Fishy at a hotel last week. He finally figured it out. It took him about 30 minutes. It was my security keeping us from logging on. He finally turned it off and then it worked like a charm. FYI

  5. The program warning of a virus IS the virus, it took me losing two hard drives and a BCC computer for me to figure out that if the message pops up, shut down immediately for a day or two and the virus goes away.

  6. Madpole - I figured out the part that the popup message was the virus; however, Windows 7 is suppose to prevent this type of virus and this goes to show that no matter how many programs Microsoft introduces, no matter how many upgrades, it cannot prevent this sort of thing from happening!
    Years ago, (approx. 7) my sister's computer was totally crashed after a Microsoft "update" - whatever is getting through to our computers is coming through their darn "upgrades" - it's like taking a chance on the lottery every time this system "upgrades"!
    Sandra's frustration is also mine - "nowhere else to go"! No options, since when you purchase your computer, Microsoft is already on the system!! :(


  8. Highly highly recommend Norton AV over Mcaffee, but that will not stop a bug from coming through on an MS Upgrade. I have had 2 viruses in my lifetime, but by running an alternate FireFox Internet session was able to rid them. Also a bit of toying in the Registry. (Not recommended for all.) If you ever see ZoneAlarm, back away from the PC quickly.

  9. We used to run Norton but have switched to the new Mcaffee. Seems to be working well.

  10. walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

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