Friday, August 5, 2011

Arrogance is spelled K-e-r-r-y

Yep the jackasses are always thinking...  Scheming might be a much better word, that little cartoon is more accurate than most of us want to believe and it's been at the center of the Democratic Party's Agenda since Lyndon Johnson was in office.

Those of us that are old enough, remember the cost to the economy, employment and international prestige under the well intended blundering peanut farmer as he tried to impose his party's agenda on America...  After Carter it took twelve years, Ross Perot and Bush Senior's broken promise of no new taxes before we were ready to let another Democrat near the White House..

That democrat, Bill Clinton was kept under control by a series of ongoing scandals and a Republican Congress,

Now we have the Democrat's far left Messiah, Barack Obama, and the party's educated elite, and his not so educated, but devoted followers are making it cleat what they think of our Republic, our way of life and the American people, who was surprised when the Communist Party jumped on Obama's re-election band wagon

Last week Obama's elitist and media friends, many of them part of the infamous Journal list had nothing better to do than  called ordinary concerned Americans Terrorists, Jihadists, suicide bombers, Taliban, hobbits and anything else they could think off that sounded derogatory..

One of the biggest name callers, John Kerry, is also the richest man in the US Senate, he got that way by marrying the richest widow he cold find. Kerry has a long history as an opportunist, dating back to his brief service in Vietnam..  He's also an arrogant SOB who believes in the Loretta Hemsley line about the only the little people paying taxes..  He represents Massachusetts in the United States Senate, but registered his yacht in New Hampshire to avoid Massachusetts taxes.

This morning his arrogance showed again as ranted against the average American's right to be heard

In short, only the ruling class has a right to speak and be heard..  the American people should be ignored by the media.. He's been in Congress long enough he's a big part of the reason our debt now exceeds everything the country can produce in a year..  He seems to think a world where the little people have a right to heard is disgusting...

This from a man who testified falsely about the men he served with in Vietnam, because it was politically advatageous.   The arrogant SOB seems to have a hard time understanding, that being the richest man on Capitol Hill does not make him royalty.. This his America, we got rid of royalty, and the arrogance that comes with it long ago.

To understand more about Kerry, and his background click him upside the head in the picture below (he deserves it), that will take you to Bob Mack's Website,  Bob recently did a piece about Kerry's younger days, and finish telling you all you need to know about him.

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