Monday, August 8, 2011

100 Reasons To Call Me A Tea Partier!



1.  I am a Tea Partier, because I believe our Founding Documents were inspired by God, and that those rights are God given.
1.  I am a Tea Partier because I uphold and defend The United States Constitution.
 3.  I am a Tea Partier because we are Taxed Enough Already
 4.  I am a Tea Partier because I believe our elected officials should be held accountable for their policies, votes.
 5.  I am a Tea Partier because I like to sing the National Anthem, and I stand when it is played.
 6.  I am a Tea Partier because I like to say the Pledge of Allegiance, and I stand and place my hand on my heart when I pledge my allegiance.
 7.  I am a Tea Partier because I believe in the limited government outlined by the US Constitution.
 8.  I am a Tea Partier because I accept my First Amendment Responsibility and Obligation.
 9.  I am a Tea Partier because I believe an engaged and informed voter protects against Government Abuses.
10.  I am a Tea Partier because my fellow Patriots help me to stay informed.
11.  I am a Tea Partier because I demand our Government live within it's means.
12.  I am a Tea Partier because I believe this Republic is Over Regulated.
13.  I am a Tea Partier because I believe this Republic needs Entitlement Reform.
14.  I am a Tea Partier because I insist that Obama Care be repealed or overturned by the United States Supreme Court.
15.  I am a Tea Partier because I insist that the Dodd Frank Bill be repealed or overturned by the United States Supreme Court.




  1. I am a Tea Partier because only a movement gets heard and a movement to shrink government and oust commies is one I want to be a part of!

  2. I'm a little curious about this limited government thing. There are about 300 million people now. Do we cut FAA,DOT,DOD,DOH,DOA things that made us great? I'll go along with getting the DOEducation totally chopped. Tea Party want to go back to a form of slavery? Wealthy ruling class own everything and the working class due to population explosion will need to subsist on 1/4 acre, instead of 40?
    I go along with cutting the deficit. After I was sick putting me in debt of 1/4 million, I cut back spending, went out and got 2 consulting jobs, and my wife went back to work. We dug our way out, with increased revenue and cuts.

  3. With Obama's Rural Economic Development plan it appears you'll be lucky to get the 1/4 The DOA wants to regulate the family farm to the point the farmers son can't feed the chickens until he's old enough to drive and he'll need a CDL to drive the lawn mower.

    Thanks to Geithner/Bernake the Dems now own the support of richest of the rich.. The Super Banks got 16 Trillion (more than the entire debt) out of the FED during Geithner's tenure as head of the NY Fed and Sec Treasury.

    You've followed you know the personal data collected under Obama's Education reform is to be turned over to the Dept of Labor and other Government agencies whenever the kid leaves school..

    Having the Surgeon General take a lesson from mayor no salt, and determining what we are allowed to eat, is not what made us great..

    Population explosion is another Gorism. There's some population increase, due to immigration (mostly illegal. ) American Birthrates have dropped to the point we can barely sustain the our population.. we're at approx 2.1 per female...

  4. Whadda ya talking about Gorism. We already got to over 3,000,000 since colonial times. Wasn't that a population explosion? It had little to do with Gore. I think if you take the time to little unbiased research, like you used to, You'd find our debt isn't solely due to the tax and spend Dems, but the Reps borrowed and spent even more.


    This will give you an indication where the birthrate stands, The Hispanic and Arab population is increasing rapidly in the US, Caucasian birthrates here and in Europe are stagnant.. and the black birthrate is high enough to generate some population growth..

    Al Gore: Stabilize population to combat global warming

    Funny thing... I've check several places-- the video portion has been removed--- that makes the 4th tome in ten days a video that i've seen has bee removed.

  6. Betting this one will PO the libs:

  7. gpabud: I'm with you on the U.S. DOE. Only a handful of TEA Party groups have taken a stand on the current situation; generally, the TEA Party has stayed silent. One Florida TEA activist asked why should he bother since the teacher's union supported Race to the Top in Florida. If that one person speaks for all TEA leaning folk in Florida, that must explain their silence.


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