Friday, July 15, 2011

Maim That Tune!

Just when I thought it was safe to go back into the woods...  I brought the woods home with me.

Yup, spent all last week at Boy Scout Camp with our local Boy Scout Troop.  I got the kids up early in the morning, got 'em fed, got 'em to their activities 'mostly' on time, painted a latrine (more on this in another post), and brought them all home (alive) again on Friday evening. 

Only thing was - I had a lot of time to think between waking them up, and making sure they got to bed again at the end of the day.  What'd I think about?  Well, quite a lot, actually.  One thing I thought about was music, sweet, sweet music...

Initially, I didn't think about any particular music, but rather, I was bouncing themes around in my head.  I played a game at camp, without benefit of electronics, PCs, iPods, or headphones.  It's a game I'd like to invite you to play - and play you must!

I started thinking about 'stuff' and how music either adds, or detracts from the aforementioned 'stuff'.  For example, what would the movie, "Jaws" be without the musical soundtrack written by Stephen King (no, it was actually David Bowie... I was just playin' with you!)? 

Yes, it would have been a totally different theater-going experience if John Williams (the actual answer) hadn't written that whole Da da - da da - da da - da da da da da da da da CHOMP! riff for the movie soundtrack.  The Jaws theme overlayed the plot to the point where the music became another actor on the screen.  "Jaws" without the music would have been like Abbott without Costello, Hope without Crosby, Bill without Hillary, and Mickey without the 'Mouse'.

So this got me 'thinking' as I hunkered down in my campfire-side 'Thinking Spot' (yes, you should be conjuring images of Winnie the Pooh here - see above for a subliminal visual clue).  If we added music to people, parties, and 'stuff' in general, what soundtracks or musical selections would be the best fit for each?

Por ejemplo (Spanish for: "Never eat burritos while wearing a white swimsuit and no access to a bathroom with a flush able toilet"):  Consider the first song match-up which crept into my sun-baked noggin whilst sitting on a stump...

Q.:  IF President Obama had a theme song, what would it be?

But as I thought about it, it wasn't quite right.  President Obama HAS been doing what he's wanted to do for almost three years - and he sure as heck isn't leaving it up to US.

So as I went back to the old Stump-O-Roo, I thought better of it.  Hmm, Pooh, the President, Disney, Leaders and Henchmen...  Ah, now this is more like it!

Yes, President Obama was well prepared for his succession to GW Bush (a.k.a.:  Mufasa).  Owning both the House and Senate, he was poised to make history. 

He has.  He has driven the economy deeper into the dumper than GW ever thought possible and with the help of his hyenas in the House and Senate run Bush's 'Unbelievably High Final Year of his Presidency Deficit' from $465 Billion to over $1.6 TRILLION for the past Three Years.  We're going to be printing money for YEARS to come to 'pretend pay' down our debt. 

Of course if I were built of 'gloomier bits' I would have gone with something like this...

But nope, not feeling gloomy today - thank you very much!!!

I don't believe one guy, one deranged Congress and a couple of years can tear down 200+ years of Life, Liberty, and the American Way... 

Shoot, we lived through the Carter years, right?

<><><><><> <><><><><> <><><><><>
Barack Obama - Eel of Steel

<><><><><> <><><><><> <><><><><>
Minions for Change!
Looking to the future (any future NOT including a second term of the 'Smartest Man In The Room') what's the outlook for the USA?

Barack Obama - One and Done.

And I feel fine.

Do you have suggestions for a theme to the current administration, the Republicans in the House, your pet hamster, or even, yours truly?  If so, comment below - I'll check them out after I'm done doing my part to prop up the economy by going to work today. 

The opportunity to have (or create) a job IS the 'business of America'.  We need to get back to business. 

Come on, everybody - get busy...

Have a nice day folks!  Remember to create your own soundtrack as you run through your day...

Moo (a.k.a.:  Mike) 


  1. One that comes to mind

    Born in the USA---maybe

    I'm sure I can come up with a Buffett song just have to give it a little more thought.

    Thanks for the smiles Mike

  2. I bet FDRoosevelt would love these.. ha ha.

  3. Fishy, "Born in the USA"? Are you picking on illegal (er, I mean, un-documented) workers? You're Soooooooo mean! Heh, heh, heh...

    Black Swan, I was inspired by your comment so I've put a call in to Hillary Clinton. The next time she's speaking to Eleanor Roosevelt (she's done this in the past), she can ask her, get back to me and I'll let you know.

  4. I think this works, needs a bit of updating

  5. Fishy wouldn't pick on the illegal infiltrators, that politically incorrect..Fisht never gets politically incorrect (on Friday nights)

  6. I've got it. This pretty much describes the whole damn bunch in DC.

    Yes Grumpy but Saturdays are off the table ;)

  7. Good choice Fishy, might want to send it to Posey, I hear he his office isn't responding like they used to,

    I found this the other day, not music, but the lady does a great job on some subjects

  8. good music to accompany our rallying & awakening of americans would be the theme from "chariots of fire"...[onward & forward to 11/2012!] when the O-bomb is speaking, i recommend "ridi pagliaccio" from the opera, "i pagliacci"...[for those of you who don't speak italian, it means, "laugh clown, laugh"]. alphamom

  9. "Fruitcakes"? Niiiiiiiiice

    How about this one? Think back to President Obama's Immaculation then watch, and listen to:

    The past three years - set to music can be best summed up by:

    Have a nice weekend folks, going to visit with Harry Potter later today - at least it's change I CAN believe in...


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