Saturday, July 23, 2011

Good for the goose,

Emanuel Storms Out Over School Choice Questions

For over two years now, Sara Palin's husband and children have been considered fair game by the Democrats and the media alike.  No one in the Obama Administration says a word about kids being off limits when it's the opposition's children.  In fact some of Obama's best friends in the media deliberately saw attacking Palin's family as a way to help him get elected.  As this excerpt from the National Journal shows they had conversations with each other about the best way to go about hurting the kids to get to the mother. 

Opening Serve: After Papa John's Pizza announced it would no longer advertise on the site,Adweek reached out to both Layne and Weigel. Layne insited in his response that "It's *Sarah Palin* who is the target of our disgust, because of what she does to that child. Jack should not refer to the child as "retarded," even in a clearly over-the-top piece of political satire, because obviously the people who are going to act outraged about this are not going to be following the nuances of a notorious meta-humor website like Wonkette." The Wonkette editor added: "Dave Weigel is a weasel. Let's see who runs to his defense next time he's fired for calling Tea Party people a bunch of 'Paultards'! What's wrong with that guy, anyway?!"Layne also cc'd Weigel who, earlier that day, had called the Wonkette post "gross" despite last year being fired from the Washington Post after using the phrase "Paultard Tea Party" in a leaked email to the controversial Journolist listserv started by The Washington Post's Ezra Klein.Return Volley: Weigel's response: "Sorry to learn that I'm a weasel, but 1) I'll stick up for any satire that doesn't *make fun of a mentally disabled toddler* and 2) there's a subtle difference between private e-mails that get leaked out of context and material that's written and published for everyone to read. There's a more obvious difference between a generic term that uses the suffix -tard and a personal joke at the expense of some kid who, through no choice of his own, will not be able to live a completely normal life."Read the entire thing

Rahm Emanuel is no stranger to the world of dirty politics, he learned the game Chicago Style.. a city that's been synonymous with dirty politics since before the days of Al Capone.  Capone may have manged to own the city in the 1920's but by today's Chicago standards he'd be a lightweight.
Watch how the ever smiling Emanuel, who didn't mind the media treatment of Palin's children at all, reacts when asked very simple questions about his own children

On a slightly different note the former White House Chief of Staff spent two years singing the praises of the Democratic Party and Barack Obama.  Presumably that would include Obama's Race to the Top Education scheme and the traditional Democratic support for all things Union. In fact it's gone so far even the  World Socialist Website is wondering about the sanity of The Teacher's Unions supporting Obama

Yet as mayor of Chicago he doesn't want his children anywhere near schools that would be affected by Obama's plans for public education, and he's made aggressive moves towards breaking up the Teachers Union.  In fact, in spite of many believe, Barack Obama Democrat in chief is no friend of the teachers either, but he still wants their vote, and their money.  

And a hat tip to Sandra for pointing out the video 



  1. How appropriate. rahm and chicago is a match signed by the devil himself. They deserve each other as does the state.

  2. rahm, is one oily, smarmy, unctuous, phoney, creature! he & his former boss [o-bomb] are runners up for the "most crooked politician award". they both come from the "black hole of chicago politics" & they both have the same set of subversive, progressive, marxist, socialist, communist buddies. does rahm have the backing of the soros billions, too? alphamom

  3. Alphamom - Count on it. Birds of the destructive sort fly together.


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