Friday, July 22, 2011

From the Nordic Page, Norway's English online paper

Explosion in Oslo- Follow Updates

Two powerful explosions in Oslo and an armed attack to youth camp hit Norway. Follow the updates

Photo: Christian Aglen /Twitter

Latest updates on top.

The assailants identity is revealed. The 32 year old Norwegian named Anders Behring Breivik is according to TV2 a part of right-extremist group in eastern Norway. He had two registered weapons, one automatic gun and a pistol of the type Glock. He started an agriculture company in 2009 and had hence access to artificial fertilizers which can be used to make bombs. According to his facebook profile his interests are hunting, E-sport and bodybuilding.

More churches will be open on Saturday for people seeking fellowship and comfort. Several churches were already open on Friday evening.

15 patients with gunshot wounds from Utøya and 10 injured after explosion in Oslo are officially receiving treatment at Ullevål hospital.

The police suspect that this is not terrorist act, but a local variant aimed at the existing political system.

The police had the latest press review at 23:30 and did not report any updates.But Professor Tore Bjørgo from Police High School told that the pattern of the attacks is not very typical Al Kaide or extremist groups and based on the physical evidences, he thinks it maybe a right extremist group.

Undetonated explosives have been found at Utøya.

Minister of Justice and the Police Knut Storberget confirmed that the attacker is of Norwegian origin.

So far 7 people are reported killed after the bomb explosion and 10 people are killed after the shooting at Utøya where the Labour Party's annual youth camp was being held.

Utøya is reported to be safe by the police forces and everyone at the island is evacuated. However there is still a search going on for a possible bomb planted on the island.

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