Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Yesterday's villian

Todays hero and most sought after journalist... of course some of those seeking him are Weiner's supporters.. not sure how it would go if they had their way..


  1. My kids have asked and I cannot explain Weiners behaviour to them. He did a bad thing and kept lying, why?

  2. MP - That elitist & egotistical attitude that makes them think they are above suspicion, the law, or morality.

  3. Realitycheck4eveJune 7, 2011 at 4:06 PM

    Does Sen Arnold call his car the Weiner Mobile?

  4. I couldn't watch his admission.. I think it all started with Clinton. Since he only got a slap on the hand, these perverts who are UP in powerful position think.. it will just blow over.. I will write a book about it in 3 years.. Hit the interview circuit make some $$.. and then sit pretty like Bill Clinton.

    I am disgusted.. with the whole system. And it's not just men.. Women are doing it also.

  5. Swan, I was wondering about you, haven't seen you for a couple days..

    Madpole, I think the Marine just answered you question...

    Rc4e I think so

  6. Bill Clinton is the reason our 6th grade girls are giving oral sex in the bathrooms at school.It isn't really sex. Talk about a sleaze bag. Both sides of the aisle are guilty. BTW when I was a young woman having a baby out of wedlock was frowned on. Now we build a day care at the school. WTF


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