Monday, June 6, 2011

Wouldn't You Like to Be a Weiner Too?

Can you believe the man was married? To HER???
On behalf of all men, I'd like to personally thank Congressman Anthony Weiner, -D, NY, for once again proving that "Men are idiots" and Powerful Men are "Powerfully idiotic".

It's not like there wasn't enough factual documentation on this particular mental illness ALREADY.

Think about it...

  • Billy Bob Thornton cheated on Angelina Jolie (yeah, like he's going to do better than HER in the future)
  • Arnold cheated on Maria (a KENNEDY for goodness sake - I thought only KENNEDY's cheated on 'non-Kennedys')
  • James Cameron cheated on his first wife, Sharon Williams (she was NOT the inspiration behind his first major film, 'Terminator'). Although, I believe that he went on to marry Linda Hamilton, (a.k.a.: Sarah Connor) following their time together filming Terminator 2 - this cost him roughly $50 Million when they split...
  • FDR cheated on Eleanor Roosevelt with Eleanor's Social Secretary, Lucy Mercer - that bit of mischief went on for 30 years! How could anyone cheat on a woman as beautiful as Eleanor Roosevelt?
  • Donald Trump cheated on his beautiful wife, Ivana, only to marry his mistress, Marla Maples (for a while), divorce her, and then marry his third wife, um, what's her name...
  • Bill Clinton allegedly cheated (depending upon what the meaning of the word 'is' is) on his fabulous wife, Hillary on several occassions. Several times, which, of course, no one can prove...
And now we have Anthony Weiner -D, NY.

Just another man so obsessed with his own 'selfness' that nothing matters to him but the sound of his own whining voice, the battery indicator on his 'Smart Phone', his very own "Weiner Bits", and his total AWESOMENESS to the opposite sex...

Ladies, you want some of this, don't 'cha???

Just another power-hungry politician who wants to tell you how to live while he exhibits the self-restraint of a long-term alchololic left unsupervised overnight at the Jack Daniels' distillery.

He wants you to turn over your health care decision-making to the Federal Government because 'HE KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED'...

He wants you to raise the debt-ceiling for him so that he'll be able to continue to buy the very important things that your country needs to be successful. Yes, 'HE KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED'.

And for the 51% of the population out there reading this who do NOT have a Winkie of your own...

Anthony Weiner - yes, once again, 'HE KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED'.

And he's willing to send it to you electronically...

"Hey Anthony, is that a Weiner in your boxer briefs
or are you just happy to see... Yourself?"

As for me, I need to go wash up before I go to bed.

And yes, I'll be rubbing full-strength liquid antibacterial soap into my eyes to get the above photo out of my mind...

Have a nice night folks - and just remember that Anthony Weiner -D, NY will not resign because, 'HE KNOWS WHAT YOU NEED'.

Apparently, this means MORE of HIM.

Oh, and I hear there are more photos - and here I've just used up all of my antibacterial soap...

Next up, Soft Scrub with Bleach for those hard to remove retinal impressions!


  1. You missed John Edwards, and I can remember a few more. You put a funny spin on a totally gross story, which will capture media attention for several days at least.

  2. If there really was an ethics committee, he'd be gone. I don't know what congress' version of ethics is (are), but...
    How did "hot dog" know he wasn't or didn't sent his smut pictures to minors??

  3. Just praying a tie and cigar were not included in the mix. His wife was an aide to hillary. That in itself is a justifiable cause to wander.

  4. USMC1949: No justifiable cause for this type of behavior, except several loose screws.

  5. This might just explain why the weenie looked elsewhere.

  6. Marine.. Don't think I'd chase that rat down a sewer.. The original story started with a reporter at the Village Voice who specializes in gay news.. Some of those people will stretch anything into proof someone is gay..

    I saw an article once where they "proved" (to their satisfaction) Abe Linclon was gay..

  7. Not many out side of the democratic leadership ever figured all Weiner's screws were even there, let alone tight..

    Looking at the picture Moos posted at the top of the page of Huma... the few that were there were loose.... She'll find it much easier to replace him, than he will her..

  8. Is the weenie related to grayso? So wish he would have tweeted/retweeted nancy and babs.

  9. I think that he could get re-elected in N.Y.
    Who is going to go up against that?
    He would certainly be some stiff competition.

    That shaved chest and arm hair makes me wonder if the reporters have forgotten to look for the same tweets to some college dudes too. After all, he is very, very liberal and claims to be Bi

    Enquiring minds want to know.

  10. I am disgusted with the girls, where are you standards? Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Amthony Weiner, What?? If this guy is good looking to you, I have to re-think women.

  11. I agree Madpole. I think it's a power thing.

  12. I saw the blogger that broke this story this morning on the Today show. The one Weinnie boy blamed for the hacking. He has some photos in his back pocket for insurance. Evidently he didn't just send photos of his boxers. Seems there are some photos of the actual "weiner" floating around.

  13. Just a hunch, but betting NOT "Johnsonville".

  14. No wonder he was crying... I have no idea what this has cost him so far.... or what his wife will figure it's worth whenever she decides enough is too much... and if there's more pictures floating around it ain't gonna get no cheaper...politically or financially...

  15. Love it when libs self destruct, or other libs try to defend the indefensable. chollie knows how that feels.

  16. The libs are blowing a gasket on the today forums. They keep saying lets move on, you guys are fascinated with weiners! One has gone so low as claiming Rupublicans declare war on infants. ANYTHING to change the story. Paybacks are hell.

  17. Didn't Governor Sanford's scandal stay on the blogs for about 2 or 3 months? Hell, they are still talking about Senator Vitter. Geesshhh the hypocrisy.

  18. Hell they still talk about the dude with the House Pages. I can't remember his name. Foly maybe. Of course they haven't brought him up lately.

  19. Sandra, I left Edwards out on purpose. That story is to 'tragic and sad' to make light of. Weiner on the other hand, well, call it what it is... A well-earned smack-down to an arrogant weasel who thought NOTHING of lying to everyone around him.

    GPABud, News out today that Weiner offered 'assistance' to his recipients as to how to handle the inquiries he knew were coming. Coaching his way out of a bad place. Basic rule of life: You find yourself in a hole? Put the shovel down and stop digging.

    USMC, From now on, can't we settle on the word 'Winkie' for all the 'Weiner' synonyms? It's a happy word. Just like his, um, you know.

    Fishy, 'Vienna Sausages' typically are served in cans, are they not? I'd like to see Weiner's Sausage tossed into the 'can', assuming something he did is worthy of prosecution.

    Grumpy, Didn't I hear the Congressman singing, "Don't Cry for Me or my Winkie"? It was beautiful. Not up to a Madonna standard, but close enough... For government jerks.

    p.s.: I am NOT Anonymous. I am Moo. Moo Moo Ka Moo


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