Sunday, June 26, 2011

Take your Depends off before boarding.

I find this over the top disturbing. WTH were these bullies thinking?

An elderly woman in the late-stages of leukemia was forced to undergo 45 minutes of additional screenings last Saturday when she tried to board a flight out of Northwest Florida Regional Airport, her daughter told

Lena Reppert, 95, was to say her final goodbyes to her daughter before she made what would most likely be her last flight to her native Michigan. After eight years of battling leukemia, doctors say she doesn’t have much time to live.

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Bless her heart.

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  1. There have been several of these stories from Florida - even folks with doctors explanations of their condition. Even with the "new" full body scanning they really have to examine and treat the elderly and infirm this "deeply"?


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