Monday, June 6, 2011

The Obama Legacy

Bee Sting directed me to Icesaint's utube channel, I think it was well worth the visit. I'd suggest those of you with websites might want to subscribe to his channel... At the moment he only has these two videos on his channel, but it looks like he's just getting started...
An attempt to show that our political elite is selling us down a river by devaluing our currency, thereby initiating inflation. Prices aren't going up because of corporate greed, the political elite all over the world are devaluing fiat currencies to pay for debt they created. Hence the movement to precious metals ... something no government can print at will. Be sure to watch the end

The Rights of Man 

An attempt to explain the genius of the United States of America and what we have to do to get back to the fundamental principles of protecting individual rights.
This video shows the attack the Obama administration is pursuing against our "inalienable" rights. Be sure to watch to the very end.




  1. Wow that is some powerful stuff. I shared it on Facebook.

  2. I thought it was too Fishy... Bee Sting told me about the top one.. I found the second one on his channel, and decided to do both

    He had a couple detractors in the comment section.. so I had to leave a comment as well.

  3. Of course you did Mr Bear. :)

  4. Easy target Mrs Fishy ... One of those everything Obama does is because of Bush screwup nuts.. this one was dumber than most

  5. His only legacy is the First Black to win the office of POTUS. After that he has nothing, and quite probably set back racial equality 40 years.

  6. U'm afraid there's not much question about that Marine..


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