Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dr Walter Williams on the Welfare State

It's a small world, yesterday a Grumpy Member sent me one of those circculating emails  piece titled DR. WILLIAMS predicts that Obama can not  lose the 2012 election.  The email contained a photo of Dr. Williams and said the he was a professor at George Mason University in northern Virginia.  A quick check confirmed most the photo was Dr Williams, he does teach at George Mason, his website was worth looking at a little more closely when I had the time and he Was Not the author of the email I'd been sent..

This morning I sent a quick email to the member who'd sent me the email and forgot about Dr Williams..  Until I checked the Daily Caller website... I happen to like the Daily Caller, yes it slants right, but it also picks up stuff that the MSM ignores.   Unlike some of the bigger companies, I don't think they have to worry about being kicked out of Obama's Press Pool for showing the president in a bad light...

Getting back on topic... I opened up the Daily Caller and was surprised to see a picture of Dr. Walter Williams, 24 hours ago I'd never heard of the guy.  The article was titled

Walter E. Williams on welfare: As gov’t plays ‘father,’ ‘black males have become dispensable’

It's a touchy subject, but an improtant one, take a look at the video and see what Williams has to say for himself.

The only problem I have with this interview is Dr Williams din't have much to say about the solution.  He explains the problem nicely, hopefully in terms our social experts can understand...

But I doubt it..

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  1. He has been substituting for Rush Limbaugh for years. He likes to "push back the frontiers of ignorance" The intro for his bit is "Here he is, black by popular demand." His gifts for his wife are hysterically practical, like a snow shovel so she doesn't have to work too hard with an old one.:)


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