Thursday, May 5, 2011

Planned Illiteracy


  1. Mr. Norton is accurate pointing out that the Common Core standards did not get the public disclosure as we are used to. The Common Core Standards are available online and you can see for yourself who wrote them. I don't agree that they were written by a social activist. Nevertheless, Mr. Norton has a unique perspective; I see the notion of economies of scale driving this effort.

  2. Seems to be a great deal of this isn't getting the media attention you'd expect...

    It is getting a lot of attention in some very influencial circles... Mostly in circles that stand to profit..

  3. Mr. Norton rightly asks why throw out Utah's standards that they worked. The same question is being asked in Massachusetts that had what was considered the best in the country. Curiouser and couriers. Got ti admire the folks who are at least asking for some accountability.


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