Thursday, May 5, 2011

Not a good time to be an ant

And this is why we have added over 200,000 new federal employees in the past two years, and no one can explain why we are still in a recession . It's not a good time to be an ant.


And as government at all levels continues to add foolish laws, rules and regulations to the books it's not a good time to be a productive, why bother? 

Disguised as a plan to increase American Manufacturing Exports for a two to four year period, the Government is loaning billions to Brazil and Columbia so they can drill for Oil, turn it and it into gasoline.  What did the president say while he was in Brazil, we want to be your best Customer..  There are thousands of people on the United States Gulf Coast that would like to be drilling for oil and turning the stuff into gasoline..  

Once we had a Buy American Act, any component that went into any government funded project had to be Made in the USA, the cost of regulation and Union Labor, eventually made Made in the USA to expensive, even for Government Projects..
Now it seems we don't want to make it in the USA, I saw today the last of Solar Panel Manufactures is giving up..  The rest have either already moved to China or run out of Federal Stimulus and Subsidy Money and shut down.  The Grand Investment in Green Jobs is doing a good job of keeping the Chinese busy... Great scheme, we borrowed the money from China to subsidize job creation in China....
What other industries the government is willing set up so they can be relocated outside the country? 
A little later today I'm going to post a Video by a guy named Oak, he's going to shed a little light on that subject.  Most of you will think he's nuts, which is one reason I'm saving Sandra's blog for last, he's not nuts.

This evening I'm going to post Sandra's 50th Education Reform Blog this year.  It's the  most disturbing blog she's written yet, for a several reasons.  One is she's going to add a little insight and a lot of credibility to what Oak says in his Video....... and a few other things...

The folks in Tally either been drinking, doing drugs or Obama held out a stick with a little more reform money... just out of reach

Who knows, maybe all three...



  1. A tip of the Hat to Examiner for finding the Ant...

  2. Oh Grumpy, I give up. I'll start by hiring owls.

  3. I think Examiner deserves the Aesop award. There's a lot to learn from fables isn't there!!!

  4. Sounds like the lion was a community organizer.

  5. I worked for a very sucessful little company for several years.. The company was successful enough that Christmas Bonuses ran about 25% of your base pay.. and another roughly 10% of your pay went into profit sharing... so whatever you were earning increased by 35% at the end of the year. He said he could either give it to us or the IRS..

    He hired a consultant who told him he was doing every thing wrong.. No one was qualified for the job they were doing. Instead of evaluating his sales staff by the money they brought in,, he should make them account of their time and file reports about their daily activites..

    We never heard any more about it


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