Friday, April 29, 2011

Truth, justice and the ... global way?

I'll admit it's been many years since I've bought a Superman Comic book, they were still a dime, the same price they'd been twenty-five or more years before. Even so I was shocked when USAT's Reality Check 4 Eve send me the link, not so much by the $4.99 cover price. Everything else costs about fifty times what it did forty years ago...

I was shocked that the Man of Steel would say this.. but he did in 'Action Comics' #900

"'Truth, justice and the American way' — it's not enough anymore," he says. "The world's too small, too connected

Read the story from Reuters


Does this mean the end of a great American Tradition, has Superman been infected a Geore's Soro's One wold Government virus... We can only hope not..

Over the last seventy years DC Comics and especially Superman have probably done more to teach American Kids how to read than all the first second and third grade text books combined.. (boys anyway)

Who wants to read "See Spot, See Spot run'  when you read about Superman saving the world form Lex Luther or some other Evil Criminal Madman   


  1. An imposter or fake. The only realSuperman died with George Reeves.

  2. Sounds like DC Comics is working for the Gates Foundation.

  3. Sandra, seems like a bunch of rich and or powerful people, including Bill Gates and Barack Obama are now promoting One Worldism.. at the expense of American Exceptionalism..

    Marine... you're showing your age... and reminding a few others of theirs

  4. Grumpy - I was also a "Spin & Marty" fan and the Lloyd Bridge's Seahunt series. (All B&W)

    Rather than doctors without borders, Soros wants that for all nations and one global currency. His time is running out here in America and personally.

  5. I Remember Sea Hunt, not Spin and Marty, next ypu'll be taliking about Death Valley Days

  6. Grumpy I bet he remembers this too.

    I don't remember this stuff as I am way, way too young but some of you might.

  7. Fishy... My parents house kinda jumped over the 45's, went from my mothers 78's to our 33's

  8. Noooo Noooo.. I'm still among the living.. forgot to switch email accounts.. I'd been picking on some race baiters at another forum..

  9. Shocked me too. I commented on Supe's defection to the NWO in today's post: At least the naturalized Man of Steel, formerly a steadfast champion of Truth, Justice and the American Way, is the product of imagination, a purely fictional creation; unfortunately, the natural-born Obama and his anti-American Administration is not. It’s as if the entire country has been dosed with Red Kryptonite...


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