Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Crazy Train Now Boarding - Gate 6

This is a Deja Moo post from November 11th, 2010.  I am posting it here again for a couple of reasons:

a.)  I love reading my stuff again for the first time (Narcissistic Time Out - Delay of Post!)

b.)  I hear a lot being said about 'RACE' (again) as the only reason people oppose the President.

c.)  In case you missed it the first time?  Yeah, it's got Ozzie in it. 

d.)  If none of the above make you happy, think of this:  We are now six months closer to getting the President out of the White House.  (Warm Feeling Alert!)

Without further A-DOO (French for:  "Who pooped on the carpet?")

The wheels of the Crazy Train have flown off following the election results of November 2nd, 2010. 

Liberal radio host, Mike Malloy, warns that "Those animals are gonna get it" on his radio show. 

By the way, those "Animals"?  Yeah, that refers to the American People who voted against the policies of President Obama and the Democrat Majority in the House and Senate.

I'm not sure who would have heard this rant by Mr. Malloy since I don't think that a lot of folks actually listen to him.  I wanted you to hear it though, because I thought it might better prepare you for the lunacy to come.

The Liberal Progressive movement was seriously gored by the American People in the most recent election.  It had its fleshy parts exposed and lost a big meaty chunk of itself.  The movement is left stumbling and flailing about leaving its leadership to wonder how you, I, and others were so 'stupid' to miss its (& their) 'greatness'.  In their eyes, we are no more than ignorant and ungrateful children of our benevolent dictators.  We cannot possibly take care of ourselves.

How dare we turn against them? 

Don't we need them?

Uh, no. 

Little children have teeth, just as little animals.  And sometimes kids bite.

And if the new crop of kids going to DC don't understand why THEY're going as the other kids are being sent away for 'Time Out', well, they'll most likely get bit too. 

For the remainder of their terms, the walking wounded of the Pelosi / Reid / Obama Revolution will be more dangerous than they were before.  For now, they have nothing to lose

They've already lost.

We now join Ozzie as the Crazy Train begins boarding for departure from DC...

Problem is:  Sometimes they come back.

All aboard!


  1. LMAO.... I AM IRON MAN!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mike, Gotta clean up your act. (pun intended). A-DOO isn't DOO DOO, it's a ladies coiffure.

  3. I saw Black Sabbath in Germany in '77, Ozzie bailed after two songs and sat on a barstool as the band finished the set without vocals. Never gave him a listen after that. I liked the "crazy"? train, but I couldn't understand a bloomin' word.

  4. Mike Malloy forgets one half of one impotent point.
    That is that President Fancy Pants is 1/2 white.

    So, since I am NOT a racist, I chose to believe that it was his white side that has caused him to poop on the White House rugs and do all the stupid crap that he does. That's right. I blame Whitey!

    As the famous philosopher F. Gump said: "Stupid IS as stupid DOES".

    Dishonesty can be forgiven. Stupidity follows you beyond the grave. (I think Tupac said that).

  5. SOL - Yep me too. It was "Flat Stanley's" fault.


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