Saturday, April 16, 2011

Put up, or shut up

The times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof.
US Constitution Article I section 4

No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President
US Constitution Article II section 1

On Friday Arizona became the first state to pass a so called Birther Bill..  this law would require any person asking to be placed on the ballot in Arizona to produce a birth certificate that includes the name of the hospital and the attending physician.  If the Certificate isn't available the candidate can produce a combination of other documents as  verification of eligibility,

Is this law directed at Barack Obama who so far has been unable or unwilling to to provide the type verification Arizona now requires?  Yep it probably is,

That said, The requirement aren't that much different than those required to get a drivers license in most states.  In fact under the new laws in Florida, it requires more proof to get an existing Drives License renewed than Arizona is requiring to run for the most important job in the word.

Arizona is not alone, other states with similar pending bills include: Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, Connecticut, Indiana, Nebraska, Tennessee, Montana, Georgia and Maine.  Now that Arizona has passed the law, I expect others will also.  If nothing else these laws will prevent future post election arguments, bickering and lawsuits about a sitting president's right to live at the White House.

There will undoubtedly be court challenges to the new laws.  For some reason, not producing the documentation Arizona's now requiring has been a focus of the Obama Administration.  The Constitution is clear, and there is nothing in the Arizona law that undermines the ability of an eligible candidate to run for the office,

Of course the Mainstream Media is deriding the law instead of just reporting on it.  After all the support they've given Obama in the last few years, they'll look awfully stupid if states start finding their favorite donkey horse can't even get in the race.

CNN immediately took the offense

Isn't that the same laugh he used when told people who can't afford Four Dollar Gas to buy a Fifty Grand SUV

By the way, he used a different Social Security Number to register with Selective Service than the one he's using now.  According to evidence Bob Mack presented on his site Crockett Lives..


  1. Makes one wonder.. if AZ will succeed from the UNION.. Ha ha! I bet TEXAS and other states follow. I have debated with many on this birth certificate deal. Obama is only a year older than me.. 51. HI had certificates back then. oh yeah. He had to show his stuff for a drivers license and then some.. His social security application should shed some light.. everyone has one.

  2. Swan, there's already been talk in Texas... Arizona feels like since Obama's been President DC's been at war with them...

    As fas I know at the moment there's another 12 states looking at birther bills.. 30 States have GOP Legislatures at the moment... If all thirty...........

  3. I guess I'm a birther because I don't drink the Kool-ade. You have to be a complete moron to believe half the crap the left does.
    I'm still waiting to hear about who was running guns in the Kenyan's administration. Is there ONE reporter left in America?

  4. Madpole, the only one I know sticks with education..

  5. Actually it was... seems there's alot going on behind closed doors.. More on that coming up...

  6. I'm not saying something funny isn't going on with him but don't you guys think the Clinton's would have found it? Who knows maybe there was some quid pro quo going on.

  7. The problem is, can each state require different documentation for pres. candidates? I believe each state is required to accept documentation of other states. ie Hawaii has certified Obama's birth.

  8. Not sure Bud, Florida no longer accepts a valid Florida Drivers License as sufficent ID to renew a Florida Driver's License... and I don't believe they'd accept a short form brith certificate... I have a real one so I can't say for sure.

  9. I'm sure grumpy. What if Florida wouldn't accept a Georgia, or New York drivers license? --Lock 'em up?

    My wife used her certified copy of her birth certificate for passport SS and driver's license.

    I used my Certified copy of Live Birth certificate for the same and to get into the Air Force and obtain Top Secret clearances.

    My mother-in-laws certified copy of death certificate was use to close her accounts.

    Think about it Grumpy. Birthers are either ignorant or just liars falsely trying to deceive. Neither are desirable epithets

  10. Grumpy, If you have your REAL birth certificate, what would happen if you lost it? You couldn't ever get it replaced because the Health Department or other agency would only have a "copy" in their possession.

  11. Bud - Illinois & Wisconsin will not accept my Tennessee Conceal Carry Permit.

  12. It's a certified copy...

    Registration Number
    Trust Number, date and time of issue
    Hospital, Hospital Address

    Date and time of Birth.. sex, number of sibblings, length of labor.. it lists me as born alive and still living when the certificate was issued..

    It list's my my and father, thier ages, race and place of Birth and mother's maiden name and their address.

    It also certifies that my mother provided the information to the Doctor who signed on the birth as doctor and witness the signature block required his address and the date to be handwritten

    There is also a date/time stamp that includes the signature of the person who recorded it at the Health Department..

    Because it's a copy, there is certification, with a certification ID Number signed by a human with the registars embosed seal over the certification... and another embossed seal in a corner fit into the border design.. It's on some decent paper as well.. with a number of specific watermarks in the paper

    Obama's certificate doesn't list a Hosptal, Doctor, No adresses, no human signed off on it annywhere and the registration number is blacked out..

    You can see Obama's document at the bottom of this page

  13. I believe that Obama was born in the US..and I must agree with bud that is it much ado about nothing.

    There are many other real reasons to not elect him

  14. I agree with the Capt. last remark

    Grumpy. See once you actually looked at it you did not have a "real" birth certificate. I'm positive Trump doesn't either.

    My certified copy is a photocopy of the original old white lettering on black thermofax (???). It has much of the same information your's has, but not all. Gracie's copy has some, but only a typed physians name. But since they are certified by the state of Florida, they are just as valid as your "copy".
    I have seen Obama's certificate on the internet. If you look at the bottom of the certificate, certified by the state, it is legal for all purposes. It's not hard to understand why the certificate number is blocked our. The fake Kenyan certificate, took another birth certificate, and just altered the information, but left the original certificate #.
    The Governor, Sec.of State, and hospital have all certified his birth certificate, plus two newspapers documented it. The hospital, has had to pull out the original so many times, they say they won't do it again. Birthers need to widen their information sources. Like the Captn says there is plenty valid info, why use fantasy
    As for the SS. It doesn't seem strange that two have been issued, to Barry and Osama.(.if true)
    Now, I'll add rebuttal to my own. argument. I delivered our daughter, on the road one dark stormy night, yet her birth certificate list the name of an attending physician, and Fitzsimmons Army Hospital as the place of birth. Well, the doctor delivered the after-birth.
    That reminds me, I think I'll post that funny story.


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